George Clooney As The Lone Ranger?

When news broke earlier in the week that Johnny Depp would be playing Tonto in Jerry Bruickheimer's The Lone Ranger, quite a few people thought that it would be difficult to find an actor to ride along side Depp and hold his own as the iconic titular character.

Now Ain't It Cool has a scoop saying that George Clooney has shown a keen interest in the role of The Lone Ranger. However, would the blockbuster-shy Clooney be interested in starring in such a blatantly commercial film?

Keep reading to find out.

While Clooney has starred in such commercial fare as Batman and Robin (eek!), The Perfect Storm and the Ocean's movies, he has usually chosen artier films and put quality of material above the paycheck. Clooney likes to surround himself with top tier cast and crew, and I feel that he could be persuaded to team with Depp, who is also an actor that walks a very thin line between art and commerce.

The casting of Clooney would be ideal: He has the all American good looks to play the masked avenger (didn't he already play one of those) and he would make one heck of a dynamic duo with Depp (again, hasn't he been here before?). Although, the pair are knocking on a bit (both are well into their forties), could the film be about an older and wiser Lone Ranger and Tonto?

Time will tell if Clooney does choose the role, and the choice will probably come down to the script. If he does decide to saddle up Silver, we can assume that the film will be a pretty big hit. Johnny Depp and George Clooney in a Bruickheimer-produced The Lone Ranger film could be the first western that has a bigger female attendance than male, and if it's got that Disney sheen, then the sky is the limit.

How long before the title of this thing changes to The Lone Ranger and Tonto?


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