George Clooney To Direct & Star In Post-Apocalyptic Netflix Movie

George Clooney partners with Netflix to star in and direct a post-apocalyptic film adapted from the acclaimed novel, Good Morning, Midnight. Penned by Lily Brooks-Dalton, Good Morning, Midnight received critical acclaim as one of the best novels of 2016. Focusing on the concept of searching for life’s meaning at the edge of civilization, the haunting debut novel will be brought to life by the Oscar winner’s first endeavor with the streaming giant.

Noted for its detailed setting of the desolate Arctic and capturing the emotions of an isolated human, Good Morning, Midnight follows Augustine (Clooney), an astronomer who is consumed by the stars. Stationed at a remote research center, a catastrophic event leads Augustine under orders to evacuate. Unwilling to leave, Augustine is left alone in the Arctic until he discovers a mysterious child, Iris. At the same time, Mission Specialist Sully is returning from Jupiter aboard the Aether. After all contact with Earth is cut off, Sully and her crew are thrust into survival mode in the depths of space. Gradually, Augustine and Sully’s journeys intertwine into an unexpected conclusion. One of the most celebrated actors of his time, Clooney’s career has spanned three decades. The star of Michael Clayton and Ocean’s Eleven has also displayed his knack for directing, with six director’s credits to his name, including Good Night, and Good luck - the film that earned him a Best Director nomination.

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Now, Clooney will tackle the directing/acting combo in his newest project with Netflix, marking his first feature film for a streaming service. According to Variety, the adaptation feature film is currently still untitled but is slated to begin production in October. Co-producing with Anonymous Content and Syndicate Entertainment, Clooney also brings longtime collaborator Grant Heslov. Clooney and Heslov took home Academy Awards for co-producing Ben Affleck’s Best Picture winner, Argo. Mark L. Smith (The Revenant, Overlord) has been tapped to pen the screenplay of the sci-fi thriller and Clooney has noted, “his script is haunting.” Head of Netflix’s film division, Scott Stubber, expressed his excitement at working with the Hollywood legend, saying:

“Having known and worked with George for over two decades, I can’t think of anyone better to bring this amazing story to life,” said Scott Stuber, head of Netflix’s film division. “The book is powerful and moving, and Mark’s adaptation is beautifully written. At its core, this is a story about human nature, and one that I know our global audiences will fall in love with, just like I did when I read it.”

Showing no allegiance to one streaming service, Clooney recently produced (along with Heslov), directed, and appeared in Hulu’s six-episode adaptation of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. The limited series is currently one of Hulu’s hot commodities and Clooney has claimed that Hulu's Catch-22 is the ideal way to adapt a novel. The two-time Oscar winner is also attached as an executive producer on the upcoming Showtime comedy On Becoming A God In Central Florida, starring Kirsten Dunst. As production for the untitled adaption of Good Morning, Midnight gets closer, more details will unravel, including the pivotal casting choice of Sully.

Netflix continues to provide a home for A-listers who appear to be transitioning from the big screen to streaming services. In a time where predicted box office successes are bombing, Netflix is raking in monumental views with original films such as Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box and Adam Sandler's Murder Mystery - which pulled in over 30 million views its opening weekend. Denzel Washington recently announced he is partnering with Netflix to produce a slew of projects along with Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman. Clooney’s career is legendary and a majority of his appeal stems from his knowledge of the business aspect of show business. It was only a matter of time before the icon joined forces with Netflix’s ability to relieve franchise fatigue. No doubt Clooney and the seasoned team behind the adaption of Good Morning, Midnight will create a memorable hit for Netflix.

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Source: Variety 

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