Geoff Johns & Kevin Feige Honor Richard Donner's Superman

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Kevin Feige and Geoff Johns came as close to recreating Amalgam Comics as we're likely to see at the tribute to Richard Donner event hosted by the Oscars. As fans of the behind-the-scenes machinations of the superhero world, the names of Feige, Johns, and Donner will all be well known. Donner is best known for directing the first Superman, still hailed as the foundation upon which all other superhero films are built. He also directed The OmenThe Goonies, Lethal Weapon, and a number of other well-known genre films.

Richards' wife, Lauren Shuler Donner, meanwhile, has helped usher in the new wave of superhero cinema thanks to her work as a producer on the entire X-Men franchise. Thanks to the two of them, Feige and Johns also got their starts in the entertainment world as assistants. Feige now heads up Marvel Studios and produces nearly every Marvel project that's around. Johns, meanwhile, heads up DC Comics and now the films, writing some of both in his spare time. So while the two old friends share a history, it was still a treat to see them join forces to honor their former boss and inspiration.

The Oscars have posted a video of both Feige and Johns sharing the stage to honor Richard Donner and discuss how Superman influenced them both. In the video, they talk about their history working for Richard and how long before then they were fans of his signature film. Johns also shares how he and Feige discovered the original script for Superman, which was so appalling that Donner joined the project to help see a proper version of the character to the screen.

Tonight at the Academy, @GeoffJohns of @DCComics and @KevFeige of @MarvelStudios honor their mentor, filmmaker Richard Donner.

— The Academy (@TheAcademy) June 8, 2017

Feige also discusses his early work in the entertainment industry, where he served as an assistant to Lauren on films like Volcano and You've Got Mail. Meanwhile, Johns worked as an assistant for Richard on Conspiracy Theory before going on to co-produce Lethal Weapon 4. It was actually Johns' work on the former that led to him rediscovering his love for comics and meeting up with some DC heads. From there, he pitched his first comic and his career with DC took off. Years later, he'd find himself in a similar position to Feige, heading up the DCEU for Warner Bros.

Feige, meanwhile, quickly jumped from being an assistant to producing Marvel films. Following his earliest jobs, he jumped with Lauren over to the first X-Men film and continued producing for Marvel on everything from Man-Thing to Fantastic Four, before helping to shape the MCU with the debut of Marvel Studios and Iron Man.

Above all else, Johns and Feige are comic and movie fans, something you can see in the work both do. Fans may be divided over the comics and films Marvel and DC produce, but it's exciting to see two of the leading figures for both companies coming together to share their love for the creator who helped start not only the genre, but both of their careers.

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Source: The Oscars

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