Geoff Johns Humorously Tells Shazam! Director to Quit Goofing Around on Instagram

David F. Sandberg's frequent Shazam! Instagram posts seem to have caught the attention of DC Comics' upper echelon. The Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation director joined the DCEU earlier this summer when it was revealed that he would be helming the Shazam! movie. Considering that it's the next DCEU installment to enter production, Sandberg has been busy in pre-production on the project, getting all the pieces together before they head up to Canada to begin shooting. But none of that pressure has stopped him from goofing off and trolling DCEU fans online.

So far, he got the conversation going by posting a photo of a fake script page online teasing an ultimate showdown between Shazam and Superman; he even managed to sneak a little joke in there about Henry Cavill's Mission: Impossible 6 mustache controversy. However, ever since he began working directly out of Warner Bros.' studio lot in Los Angeles, CA, he has been posting daily photos on Instagram showing off his "office," featuring loads and loads of Coke Zero cans and numerous action figures. Apparently, those photos have caught the attention of his boss: Geoff Johns.

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DC Comics chief creative officer and DC Films head honcho Geoff Johns crashed Sandberg's (almost) daily photo ritual by holding up a sign telling the filmmaker to get back to work. After all, if they want to maintain their planned April 2019 release for the film, they need to stay on track. Check out the photo below:

Day 20

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Considering that Sandberg is working on a comic book movie, there isn't much that he can share publicly. So far, the only bits of information out there are the details that fans were able to surmise by watching the leaked audition tapes for the lead role of Billy Batson, the 10-year-old boy who transforms into the adult superhero Shazam. Unfortunately, analyzing Sandberg's Coke Zero wall for any sort of information regarding the anticipated DCEU film seems futile -- but that doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile watching Sandberg goof off while working on the blockbuster film. After all, making a comic book movie should be just as fun as it is to watch one.

Still, at this point, people want to know who will be playing Billy Batson and who will be playing his adult version, Shazam. Since the film is expected to commence principal photography in Canada within the next few months, the studio will need to start rounding out the cast sooner rather than later -- but Warner Bros. may be waiting until after Justice League releases to finalize the film's cast as well as the DCEU's schedule.

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