NYCC: Geoff Johns Talks 'Green Lantern' Movie Trailer, 'Smallville' & More

New York Comic-Con is officially underway and the 2010 convention kicked off with a panel spotlighting none other than DC Entertainment  Creative Director Geoff Johns.

For those who don't know, Geoff Johns has been an influential comic book writer of the past decade, responsible for resurrecting Silver Age Green Lantern and Flash (Hal Jordan and Barry Allen) as well as helping to bring about the upcoming Green Lantern and Flash movies.

In the panel Johns touched upon a number of issues, ranging from DC's comic book plans to what we can expect from DCE/Warner Bros. and their multimedia aspirations for the DC Universe.

For your convenience I've separated my synopsis of Geoff Johns' panel into three sections: You can find movie and TV news under "DC Entertainment"; Comic book news under "DC Comics" and all the other little happenings that took place during the panel under "The panel."

DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment Logo

  • Johns is excited about the David Kelly Wonder Woman TV series – he believes any character in the DCU can be “A-list” when written properly.
  • Johns introduces some Green Lantern movie character banners.
  • Johns claims we will see a Green Lantern movie trailer released with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  • More DC Superheroes  are getting a multimedia development – Johns is keeping quiet about specific heroes or plans for now.
  • He claims “DC Superheroes are bigger than Marvel Superheroes” in his explanation of their self-contained movie continuities. He believes that since the characters at DC are richer in theme, movies exploring them need to be self-contained and focused on character.
  • Green Lantern animated series will be in Bruce Timm Style, Early 2011, and will be CGI.
  • Booster Gold is coming back from the future on Smallville. Mera, Deadshot and Suicide Squad confirmed.
  • Young Justice Animated series coming.
  • He confirms that DCE/WB is aiming to release 1-2 superhero movies a year in the post-Harry Potter landscape.
  • There will be no Bruce Wayne appearance on Smallville.
  • [MY QUESTION] Johns couldn’t comment on the crime genre themes of The Flash movie script, or if a Green Lantern movie trilogy would feature “The War of Light” or “Sinestro Corps War” storylines. He also refused to comment about any plans for a Justice League movie.

DC Comics

The DC Universe

  • Johns says that Jon Stewart will have more focus in upcoming storylines in (Green Lantern Corps?).
  • Aquaman will continue to be “badass” beyond “Brightest Day”. He will be “A-list”.
  • Johns is already envisioning a post-"Brightest Day" scene where Aquaman states his intent to be leader of the JLA.
  • Johns has to write mostly on weekends these days now that he’s creative director of DCE.
  • The Green Lantern Inidgo Tribe will get more extensive explanation – “The rings are different than what people might think.” says Johns.
  • Flash “Hot Pursuit” will feature a police officer speedster who rides a motorcycle rather than running.
  • Johns likes collaborating with DC Editor Eddie Berganza, Gary Frank and the people he works with often.
  • Johns is thanked (yet again) for keeping Kyle Rayner alive when Hal Jordan was resurrected in Green Lantern: Rebirth.
  • DC Comics will be sold for 2.99. The page count will be reduced from 22pgs to 20pgs.
  • Aquaman will have an expanded rogues gallery in the comics. One fan jokes “BP Oil.”
  • Superboy Prime is still alive and kicking.
  • New characters will be introduced into the Flash and Aquaman books after "Brightest Day".
  • Red Lantern Dex Starr will be featured in upcoming stories – maybe a Valentine's Day special with Krypto the super dog.
  • Batman will more of a team player since his resurrection - as evidenced by the "Batman Inc." storyline.
  • Superman: Earth One is coming soon; Batman: Earth One is coming in 2011. “My’s like, before he’s good.”
  • They are working on a Green Lantern Secret Origins 2. Johns described it as "The Fall of Sinestro", a possible title for the series.
  • Larfleeze will be getting a ring oath.
  • There will be Green Lantern / Flash comic book crossovers coming soon.
  • Unspecified corps of Light will be getting their own comic book titles.

The Panel

  • Johns starts off cracking a joke about the huge cement pillar obstructing the view. Thanks fans for “skipping work” today.
  • Johns talks about the exciting things happening at DCE/WB by referring to the Zack Snyder Superman movie and Green Lantern Movie.
  • Johns worries about SPOILERS – audience member says “What are they going to do – fire you?”
  • Johns wrote Titan Maximum during its first season - “It’s Voltron, if they were all idiots.” he says.
  • Cereal Alert: Johns is loving Count Chocula right now; Frankenberry isn’t living up to his memory of it.
  • Johns signed the comic book of a 20-year Navy Veteran onstage. The comic was a graphic novel, Green Lantern: No Fear.
  • Johns think scholastic teaching tools featuring DC characters would be great.
  • Johns closed the panel with the GL Oath.

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