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Generations: Iron Man and Ironheart reveals the future fate of Tony Stark as Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel universe. The Generations limited run miniseries released this year takes several of the greatest heroes of the Marvel universe, and pairs an older version with a younger hero that has taken up the legacy of the same title. In the case of Iron Man, it's Riri Williams who carried on the Iron legacy after Tony Stark fell into a coma during the recent Civil War.

The issue sends Riri into the distant future, where she sees a new version of Chicago, and a planet where everything has changed. She meets the latest incarnations of the Avengers, as well as a future version of Tony Stark, who is now 126 years old, and a very different hero...

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The comic reveals that in the far future, Tony Stark becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, using his newfound powers to slow his ageing and allow him to reach over a century and a quarter in age. In addition, Stark has been able to replace the internet, clean up the environment, and create world peace - or as close to it as it is physically possible to get. Riri also learns a little about her future, although not enough to change anything fundamental before she is returned to her own time.

Riri Williams Ironheart meets Tony Stark as Sorcerer Supreme in Generations
Riri Williams and Tony Stark in Generations Iron Man

As Riri herself points out in the comic, this is a massive change for Tony, who previously devoted himself entirely to technology and measurable science, and who has not always been the most patient with Dr Strange and those magic-wielders in the Marvel Universe. It seems that of all the many things that he has learned with age, one is that magic is just another level of technology... Although he doesn't expand upon that idea further.

In addition, there is no reveal in the issue as to how Tony ended up in this future, or how he became Sorcerer Supreme. Fans will just have to accept that question as unanswered, in the same way that Riri does before she is returned to her own time. As a mini-series, Generations will not be continuing with the story of Tony as Sorcerer Supreme, but it seems that Riri can remember her adventures in the future, and that is sure to play in to her future adventures as Ironheart within the main Marvel timeline - and there's little doubt that the Marvel universe isn't done with Tony quite yet.

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Generations: Iron Man and Ironheart was released September 6th.

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