15He Was A Disturbed 11 Year-Old

Zod’s appearances typically follow the same thread of him being a warmongering megalomaniac attempting to overthrow Krypton’s government before being banished to the interstellar prison, Phantom Zone.

However, in the JSA: Liberty Files comic, the familiar aspects of this tale were tossed to the wind in favor of a major shake-up: Zod

was a sociopathic 11 year-old. Far from being a general, the young Zod was banished not for attempting to overthrow the government, but for creating a bio-weapon with no particular reason in mind other than a jolly good time.

Even more shocking, his freedom from the Phantom Zone would be because of Earth-based scientists, who gave him the name “Clark Kent.” The young Zod, under the guise of an innocent child, grew up to be that universe’s (deranged) Superman.

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