General Hospital: The 10 Best Love Triangles, Ranked

What else is a mark of cheesy soap operas but love triangles? Check out General Hospital's ten best (and most dramatic) love triangles, ranked.

In the soap opera world, there are some elements that are timeless. One that never fails to create interesting drama is the love triangle. Two characters are in love with the same person and it builds to an eventual choice.

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The secret to a great love triangle is having both suitors be equally matched. If it becomes obvious which side will be chosen, the story loses all steam. Over the years, the city of Port Charles has had triangles so spectacular, they’re still affecting the town. General Hospital fans, it’s time to discuss the show’s 10 best love triangles.


Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, but rock bottom came when she had an affair with his brother Nikolas Cassadine. Elizabeth became pregnant and there was a question of paternity for awhile, with switched tests saying Nikolas was the father.

Ultimately the truth, that Lucky was actually the father, came out and the trio were able to mend some fences before Nikolas’ presumed death. Despite all this, we still think Lucky is Elizabeth’s one true love and they will find their way back to each other.


Emily was in love with Nikolas from the moment they met, but he only saw her as a friend. Then she was diagnosed with cancer and he pretended to be her fiance to protect her boyfriend Zander from heartbreak. Things got complicated when they fell in love for real.

Though Zander started out as a good guy, his character took a sharp turn and became a stalker when Emily broke up with him. This is one of those times where we all knew Emily and Nikolas would eventually end up together. Though they were happy for a time, Nikolas was never the same after Emily became the victim of a serial killer.


When Jason Morgan came back to town with a new face and no memory of his previous life, it took a painfully long time for he and his wife Sam to reunite. Once they were finally happy again, another monkey wrench was thrown when original actor Steve Burton returned to the show and the “real” Jason was back.

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Now Sam was torn between her Jason and a man she loved, who turned out to be his long lost twin Drew. Sam and Drew had built a life together, but Jason was the one, and that couldn’t be denied.


Jason and Sam were clearly meant to be together, but early on Sam had some demons from her past to deal with and she couldn’t get out of her own way. During this time Jason began a relationship with Elizabeth, They were secretly engaged and had a child together.

Unfortunately, Jason knew that his work as a mob enforcer would always put Elizabeth and her sons in danger and they split. Sam and Jason are now happily reunited, while he and Elizabeth remain close friends and co-parents.


Even casual fans know that Luke and Laura are the original soap supercouple. When they returned to the show in 1993, it seemed like things would pick up where they left off, but when Genie Francis left, Luke needed a new love interest. Enter Tracy Quartermaine.

At first it appeared Luke had only married Tracy for her money, but the pair developed real feelings for one another. Though Luke will always love Laura, he realized he had moved on and was deeply in love with Tracy, When Tracy’s portrayer Jane Elliot retired, her final scene featured a surprise reunion with Luke.


In the ‘80s Frisco and Felicia became General Hospital’s new lead supercouple. They went on globe-trotting adventures and he serenaded her with love songs. When Jack Wagner left the show, Felicia moved on and married Mac Scorpio. Unfortunately, her wandering spirit led her to abandon her family for a long time.

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Eventually she and Mac reconciled, but the show’s 50th anniversary brought back fan favorites including Frisco. He pulled out all the stops, even performing “Lady of My Heart” and proposing at the Nurse’s Ball. Felicia wisely chose Mac, and they’re still happily together. Frisco left town again.


There are no two adversaries who hate each other more than Sonny and Jax. During one of Sonny and Carly’s many divorces, Jax romanced Sonny’s true love and they got married. Jax and Carly may have started as a way to stick it to Sonny, but they were really in love and built a nice family.

Sadly for Jax, he discovered what so many others in town have learned the hard way. Sonny and Carly are endgame. Though they readily admit they hate one another, Jax and Sonny have called a truce to support Carly and Jax’s daughter Joss.


Spies Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane are one of GH’s most popular couples ever, but their timing always seemed to be off. While raising Robin and constantly rescuing one another from enemies, their lives were always entwined.

At the same time, Anna fell in love with mobster Duke Lavery. Though Robert had his reservations about Lavery, he supported Anna. Duke’s mob life led to him being killed twice, with Robert there to comfort Anna. These days, the exes are the best of friends.


Though Luke and Laura get all the press for being a supercouple, Scott loved her first. Laura was with Scott when she couldn’t resist the more adventurous life Luke offered. Their lifelong fight over Laura made Luke and Scott bitter enemies.

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Though Luke left Port Charles several years ago, when his name comes up, Scott still has nothing good to say about the man that stole Laura from him twice. Truly great triangles are the ones that never really end.


If you’re wondering why Jax and Sonny hate each other so much, it can be traced back to them both being in love with Brenda Barrett. When she came to town, Brenda immediately caught the eye of mobster Sonny Corinthos. However, he left her at the altar after deciding that his life was too dangerous.

She then became involved with Jax, but could never really shake her feelings for Sonny. The two fought over her for years, until she finally left town for good, urging them both to move on. Now they fight over Carly, Joss and anything else they can think of.

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