Gemini Man: One Of The Coolest Movie Concepts Ever

I've been following the development of Gemini Man for almost a decade now. In my humble opinion it is without a doubt one of the most exciting film concepts that I've ever heard - that has never been made.

The concept is simple:

The world's best assassin is getting old and starting to lose it, there's just one thing - he's still the best. The only way to defeat him is to clone him and get the younger clone to hunt him down and kill him.

However, that's not the best part.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer wants an aging action star and a computer manipulated younger version of that actor in the film.

Think of the Harrison Ford of today facing off against the Star Wars era Ford. Imagine an older Mel Gibson fighting his 20 year old Mad Max. Or even more exciting imagine Sean Connery fighting off the Connery from Goldfinger!

Excited yet?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (and to an extent X-Men 3) showed that the technology is there to "de-age" an actor, so it looks like the time is right for Gemini Man. If David Fincher can make Brad Pitt believably age backwards from 80 years to 8 months in an Oscar nominated epic,  then an action film with a wrinkle free A-lister seems like a sure thing on the technology front.

Over the last decade a multitude of writers have taken a crack at the script including Darren Lemke, Jonathan Hensleigh and most recently Wolverine writer David Benioff (who bagged $2 million for his work).

To ratchet up the excitement levels even further Curtis Hanson, the director behind L.A Confidential and Wonder Boys is now negotiating to wield the megaphone. With Hanson's attachment one can only assume that the film will be thoughtful and action oriented (it is a Bruckheimer film after all).

So what do you think? Which aging action star would you like to see go toe to toe with their younger self in Gemini Man?

Source: Variety

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