Does Gemini Man Have An After-Credits Scene?

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Does Gemini Man have an after-credits scene? Although most people probably hadn't even heard of the project until Ang Lee and Will Smith signed on to direct and star in 2017, Gemini Man was initially conceived in 1997 and has been trying to become a reality ever since. At different points in time, the film had everyone from the late Tony Scott to Joe Carnahan attached to direct, with actors ranging from Harrison Ford to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Sean Connery being set to star over the course of the movie's development.

Gemini Man's development woes have long been blamed on its premise, which calls for its star to play both the main character - a 51-year old assassin named Henry Brogan - and their much younger clone, with the assistance of some groundbreaking "de-aging" digital trickery. Lee, of course, have never been one to back down from making a film that requires revolutionary visual effects (Hulk, Life of Pi), and it's no surprise the extremely versatile, Oscar-winning filmmaker was the one to finally bring Gemini Man to the big screen.

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For those who are wondering, however, Gemini Man does NOT include an after-credits scene. The film's end credits are still worth hanging around for, of course, especially for those who're curious to learn more about the sheer number of people who contributed to Gemini Man and its cutting-edge CGI. But again, there aren't any extra scenes or additional material after the movie fades to black and the credits start rolling.

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Smith stars in Gemini Man as Henry, a government-backed hitman who's the best at what he does, but feels he's lost a step and decides it's time to retire and try to make peace with all the people (as bad as they supposedly were) he's killed over his career. The actor, as mentioned, pulls double-duty in the movie by playing both Henry and his 23-year old clone "Junior", a completely digital character who Smith portrayed via motion-capture. This makes Gemini Man different than other recent films that've used CGI to "de-age" their stars (like this year's Captain Marvel did to Samuel L. Jackson).

The story for Gemini Man is credited to three different writers (including Darren Lemke, who wrote the original script draft), but is pretty straightforward and revolves around "Junior" attempting to hunt down and kill Henry. There's not a whole lot of world-building in the film compared to other modern blockbusters, and the early Gemini Man reviews have even criticized the movie for being a showcase for its visual effects more than anything else. Still, Smith remains a big box office draw and some critics feel Gemini Man's tech is reason enough to give it a look in theaters. Just don't expect any last-minutes surprises to pop up during the credits.

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