Benedict Wong Interview: Gemini Man

In Gemini Man, which premieres this week, Henry Brogan (Will Smith) has to take on the darkest forces connected with the US government in a fight for his life. But while he may not have a team of specialists on his side, he does have a one-man army in the form of his best friend Baron (Benedict Wong). With connections and loyalty coming out the wazoo, Baron proves invaluable as the film progresses. Screen Rant spoke with Wong about how he connects to his character, and also tried to squeeze some Doctor Strange 2 details out of him.

When you get this script: you open the pages, you read it. What jumps out at you? What attracted you to this project?

Benedict Wong: I mean, the three Titans. That’s Bruckheimer, Lee and Smith. And it's like, “Okay, pay attention.”

Also, this ambitious film that we're making. 120 frames per second, with these cameras that Ang has developed allowing this amazing, immersive experience.

I was watching the movie and it's like looking through a window. It's crazy. Because even in the 3D, it feels so natural.

Now, Baron. He's Henry's good buddy. Talk to me about their relationship.

Benedict Wong: Baron and Henry Brogan, they go back. They’re brothers from the tours that they have done. They separated off, and Baron went on his merry way to somewhere else. But when he receives that call, at a drop of a hat, he'll be there for him, you know?

Baron is a man that knows everybody. He gets a plane; he has the safe house/hotel. What is it about Baron that you connected with the most?

Benedict Wong: His lifestyle, that’s it. No. I think I'm more about the actions, not the connection of how that connects to me. My job is the doing of what I need to be doing, and that's to be watching his six all the way. He is there to serve; he's there to protect. They are brothers in arms. And whenever Henry needs him, he'll be there.

That Semper Fi brotherhood. 

Benedict Wong: Yeah, yeah.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Will Smith and Benedict Wong in Gemini Man

There's definitely a moral conundrum with cloning, and you guys explore this a lot with the nature versus nurture. Where do you kind of stand on the cloning issue?

Benedict Wong: I'm quite happy to clone myself just for the amount of work that I can't do. No, I mean, it's a really kind of… The idea of whether we should be tampering like this is very dangerous. I don't know where all this lies; it's just like the fusion of it all.

Cloning humans is a bit of a – that's a strange one to me. But to an extent, what do we clone? More organs for ourselves maybe? Not to go too far down that road.

It’s a definite gray area.

Coming up soon, you’ve got Doctor Strange 2, which I'm really excited for. I can't wait. What can we expect from Wong this go around?

Benedict Wong: Hey, I don't know yet, actually. From what I read, the same as you, I believe Scott's definitely venturing into his horror genre – which he's very much known for. But I'm kind of a bit terrified of horror films, to be honest. So as long as everyone tells me on set that it's not real, and I get to hug the person in the costume, I'm fine.

Well, one thing is for sure: I am Team Wong for life, sir. Thank you so much for your time.

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