Gemini Man: 10 Action Stars Who Deserve The De-Aging Treatment

Although Gemini Man's box office numbers and critical reception isn't up to snuff, there is no denying its effects are dazzling. The de-aged Will Smith is fairly impeccable, bringing the Fresh Prince's young persona back. Though the film's script didn't meet the dazzling effect, that doesn't mean the concept couldn't be used again.

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Seeing an iconic action star like Will Smith go back to his prime is so exciting on paper, and it makes one wonder how it could be used for other action heroes of old. There are some obvious picks, but there are some exciting possibilities if you widen your view of action stars. Here are 10 stars that we would like to see get the same de-aging treatment as in Gemini Man.

10 Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is beloved by fans of the Blade series, so much so that they had clamored for his return in an eventual Marvel reboot. Though we never got that chance, perhaps it's time that Snipes returned to the limelight.

Although he remains a badass, there's no denying he held a presence in those early Blade movies. Seeing the actor return as his younger self would be a certified box office hit, both to see Snipes again and the dazzling effects.

9 Steve McQueen

It was such a treat seeing actor Damian Lewis play Steve McQueen in this year's Once Upon a Time In...Hollywood, that it got us thinking: What if Lewis played McQueen in a full feature? Like Guy Henry in Rogue One, Perhaps Damian Lewis, with a bit of CGI, could fully bring McQueen's essence back?

McQueen had a nearly unmatched gaze when it came to action stars, and seeing his steely face back on the big screen would be a treat for classic movie fans. It would also need to be a period piece, smack dab in the iconic 60s flicks he was known for.

8 Sean Connery

The James Bond franchise is ready for a major shakeup. For too long now, the Daniel Craig era has given fans sharp extremes in quality, with some films nearing masterpiece level and others landing as some of the worst of the series.

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Bringing Sean Connery out of retirement to do some facial mapping for a CGI recreation would be unreal. It would bring back one of the most iconic Bonds ever, as well as the fun pulpy feel of the early films.

7 Sigourney Weaver

The Alien franchise has also suffered in some stale installments in the bast few years. Both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant failed to land with any major audience. The series either needs to crawl back into its egg and rest for a while or try again with tried and true aspects.

Bring back the ultimate hero of the original films with Ripley. While this list is mainly for de-aging, Linda Hamilton, Jamie Lee Curtis, and of course Carrie Fisher have all shown that older ladies can serve it up with the best of them. While it would be amazing to see the authentic Ripley from the original return, it would also just be perfect to have Sigourney Weaver return in any way, shape, or form.

6 Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has fallen into grumpy old man territory and not in a good way. Granted, he's always sort of been one, but at least when he was younger it made him stand out. Eastwood hasn't had a populous hit since Grand Torino, and it feels time for him to really have at least one final knockout performance.

Perhaps less like Gemini Man and more like The Irishman, a de-aged Eastwood flick could be his swansong. A final ode to his life's work and achievement, but something that still offers a new story and themes.

5 Keanu Reeves

If there is any action star who is living in the peak of their popularity, it's Keanu Reeves. With the John Wick series, the return of Bill and Ted, and his appearances in countless other projects, we are living in a Reeves-issance.

With the upcoming Matrix sequel also in the works, what better time than to bring back the younger iteration of Neo. While many claim that Keanu Reeves as an immortal being who doesn't age, he certainly looks at list a bit older than he did in 1999.

4 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan's performance in The Foreigner is one of the best examples of an aging action star embracing his older self. The film showed off a darker, more dramatic side to Chan's acting, as well as the classic feats of martial arts we expect from him.

But, it feels time for him to come out with a charismatic return as well. Perhaps he could channel his Rush Hour days and bring back the comedy buddy adventure genre in a whole new way.

3 Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is set to return to the Indiana Jones series with the fifth installment (eventually). While many assume it will be a continuation of the last film, why couldn't it be set during the time of the original trilogy?

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There is almost no one else that could pull off playing a young Indiana Jones other than Ford, so why try? Since the original three are already out of order, with Temple of doom being set before the events of Raiders, why not make this sequel the same? De-age Ford and give us a brand new adventure that also challenges the limits of CGI tech.

2 Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is another classic star that got to appear in Tarantino's latest flick, but many fans of the actor and martial artist were disappointed by his representation in the film. If he was to come back, he should in all his glory.

Because of the backlash, someone should attempt to give fans of the actor a true return to the screen. Perhaps Donnie Yen should be involved, as he played Lee's master in the Ip Man series. No matter what, he deserved far better than what Tarantino did.

1 Buster Keaton

Earlier than any of these stars, Buster Keaton literally was risking his life attempting stunts to awe audiences, as well as giving them laughs. If you think Tom Cruise is reckless, then you've never seen the kinds of stunts this silent star attempted.

A biopic about this landmark Hollywood hero would be a perfect way to bring him back. Seeing anyone attempt the kinds of stunts he did would be mind-boggling. Also, anything to get Buster Keaton more acknowledgment from modern audiences would be amazing.

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