Gemini Division: Will You Watch A Web-Only Series?

It looks like NBC wants to try its hand at producing a series that can only be viewed online. I'm not sure what to call it... my mind jumps to "TV series" but that's not right, and "Web series" just doesn't sound right to me.

The series is called Gemini Division and stars Rosario Dawson as a NYC detective who, after the death of her lover, discovers that he was not human. You can watch the trailer below.

Apparently there's a biotech angle to the plot and according to NBC the series is a "female first-person confessional." And what is that? Think YouTube phenom "LonelyGirl15" who rocketed to internet fame with her YouTube soliloquies. Despite the fact that she's been "outed" as not being just a teenager yakking about her life from her bedroom, it seems that on her video page they're still trying to play it like it's real life.

Me? I don't see the appeal - but NBC must figure if she was such a phenomenon, maybe they can tap into that from a slightly different angle.

The problem is that the trailer makes the show look like it's on the level of a soap opera when it comes to the dramatic style and the way the actors deliver their lines. Of course there are cases where a pilot is shakey and a series improves within a few episodes (I hear that's what happened with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), but I don't know about this one.

Sci-Fi Channel was going the same route with its new series Sanctuary which will star Stargate SG-1 actress Amanda Tapping, but they ended up deciding to broadcast the new series on television instead.

Personally I'm not interested in tuning in to an ongoing series that I can only watch online. Are you?

Gemini Division premieres on August 18th and you can watch it online here:

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