Bazinga! 10 Geeky Sitcoms Like Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory appeals to the geek in all of us, but all good things must come to an end sometime. It can be hard to leave the quirky, lovable characters from a favorite show behind, but don't worry, you don't have to shock your system by switching genres and moving onto Game of Thrones if you don't want to.

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If it's the slightly nerdy angle that you love, there are plenty of geeky sitcoms out there to enjoy. Whether it's a throwback series like 3rd Rock From The Sun or a sci-fi themed animation like Futurama, some shows just have a knack for bringing all the eggheads to the yard. Here are 10 geeky sitcoms to watch if you enjoy The Big Bang Theory.

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10 Chuck

If you're looking for another comedy with a nerdy angle, check out Chucka series about a dorky computer whiz named Chuck Bartowski who, after receiving an encoded message from the CIA, finds himself thrown into the world of top-secret espionage. Once the CIA realizes that Chuck's brain contains the only remaining copy of a software program containing the country's greatest spy secrets, the government recruits him to fight terrorism, thwart assassins, and hide his double-life of intrigue from everyone he knows.

9 The Office

Although The Office might not have a science element to it, the series definitely has its share of nerdy, eccentric characters.

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In case you've been living under a rock for the past 14 years, The Office is a mockumentary-style comedy that follows the everyday, boring lives of a bunch of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The show is packed full of hilarious and clueless characters, but office manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is by far the most cringe-worthy.

8 30 Rock

30 Rock is an award-winning satirical sitcom created by Tina Fey and is based on Fey's personal experiences as the head writer for Saturday Night LiveIf you enjoyed the quirky characters and the tight-knit community feel of the Big Bang Theory, then 30 Rock might be right up your alley. The series takes place on 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City (where SNL is written, produce, and performed). The show takes a glimpse into the lives of the people behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy show. And trust me, they're all a mess. You'll love every minute of it.

7 Rick And Morty

Provided you don't mind that it's animated, Rick and Morty has everything your geeky little heart could desire. This adult-centric science fiction sitcom follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez, an alcohol-fueled mad scientist, and his innocent, good-natured grandson, Morty Smith. Together, the two both travel through multiple dimensions and realities with the help of Rick's flying car.

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Interestingly, different versions of the characters exist in different dimensions and their personalities can vary wildly depending on where they are, including those of Morty's parents and siblings. It's a mind trip for sure, but it's one that geeks everywhere will love.

6 Community

If you enjoy "community comedy," then why not pick a show called CommunityThis comedy has an ensemble list of hilarious cast members, including Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, and follows the lives of a bunch of regular people who find themselves studying at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado. There's the pop-culture loving nerd, the overachiever, the former high school football star, the single mother, the disgraced former lawyer, and the cynical elderly millionaire. Given that creator Dan Harmon based the show around his personal experience attending a community college, he covers all the bases.

5 Futurama

Futurama is yet another animated, geeky sitcom that lovers of The Big Bang Theory will probably enjoy. The series follows Philip J. Fry, a professional slacker and pizza boy who is accidentally transported to the distant future and finds work as the cargo delivery boy at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company.

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Philip finds love upon meeting Leela at the cryogenics lab, a one-eyed mutant from the sewers who eventually becomes Philip's wife and the competent captain of the Planet Express Ship.

4 How I Met Your Mother

Like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother has a pretty nerdy lead in Ted Mosby, an architect and college professor in his late 20's/early 30's who's on an endless quest to find "the one."  The series begins in the year 2030 when he recounts to his children all the events that led him to their mother many years ago. Ted's not the only nerdy eccentric on the block, though. His best friend, Marshall Eriksen, is obsessed with paranormal phenomenon (namely, Sasquatch) and the two of them (plus their weird circle of mutual friends) will leave you in stitches.

3 3rd Rock From The Sun

An oldie but a goodie! For all you Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans out there, 3rd Rock from the Sun is the hilariously geeky sci-fi TV series that gave him his first big break starting in 1996.

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The show follows four curious extraterrestrials who attempt to understand humanity by posing as a real human family. The aliens are led by Dick Solomon (John Lithgow), who poses as the family provider and a physics professor at a local college. Eventually, their early attempts to understand the human condition are eventually replaced by a larger interest in their human lives as they become more accustomed (and attached) to Earth.

2 The IT Crowd

Now we're getting to the good ones! IT nerds everywhere will love and appreciate The IT Crowd, a British sitcom and geeky masterpiece chock-full of geeky characters, hilarious one-liners, and absurd IT-related situations.

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The series revolves around three staff members who work in the IT branch of Reynholm Industries, which just so happens to be located in the basement of a skyscraper. The team consists of computer genius Maurice Moss, completely unmotivated Roy Trenneman, and their clueless "relationship manager," Jen Barber. Honest to God, these three will have you laughing so hard you might actually die.

1 Silicon Valley

If you couldn't already tell by the name, Silicon Valley focuses on a group of young men who founded a startup company in Silicon Valley, California.

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In the series, Richard Hendricks creates Pied Piper, a data compression app, and is soon joined by a team of nerdy eccentrics who all epitomize the common techie stereotypes. For example, there are the coding nerds who can barely speak to girls, the young entrepreneur who's bad with people, and the freeloader who's content watching everyone else do the work. All-in-all, it's a delightfully satirical take on the tech industry.

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