The Definitive Geek's Holiday Guide

Star Wars Han and Chewbacca

Holidays are more than celebratory moments to be marked off the calendar year. They're part of the pop culture phenomena that take up our time and attention. For the characters of our favorite movies or TV series , a holiday can be a moral compass that guides them to a life lesson or an excuse to bring out their bad behaviors.

With this list, we strove for the very best in geek fandom. We drew upon our own inner nerd to unveil the best pop culture holidays from movies and television -- just in time for July 4th weekend. Some of these occasions are fan-made, while others celebrate blockbuster events that occurred on screen. Still others are completely fictional celebrations crafted by the characters themselves.

Every holiday listed has a given date of recognition, so if it isn’t acknowledged on a specific day, it won't be on here. With that said, this guide was made as an alternative to the holiday rituals you know, so enjoy it and share it with friends and family. Here it is, made for all the geeks who truly deserve it, The Definitive Geek’s Holiday Guide.

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Roy Batty in Blade Runner
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15 January

Roy Batty in Blade Runner

January 8th - Roy Batty Inception Day/Blade Runner Day (Blade Runner)

It was on this day in 2016 that the oldest replicant of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner first came into the world. He would grow to see things you wouldn’t believe over the course of the next three years, before Rick Deckard finally hunted him down. To get ahead of the fight between man and machine, we suggest celebrating this day by visiting an interactive robotics exhibition at a nearby science museum to get a hands-on look at the future. Later, put on the Vangelis soundtrack from this futuristic neo-noir and have a viewing party. For a rainy day, take the celebration outside and let loose after delivering your own rendition of Batty’s dying monologue.

January 19th - Buffy Summers’ Birthday (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

What would a geek holiday list be without at least one day dedicated to vampires?

If you’re going to do Buffy’s birthday in style, you’re going to have to celebrate the only way the students of Sunnydale High know how. Rent out a party venue for the night and recreate the Bronze in all its grunge music glory. Bring the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack with you and dance to your heart’s content. You can finish the night off with a little bit of Buffy fan fiction acted out by those with enough courage to show off their acting chops. Who knows? Maybe Joss Whedon will catch wind of your ideas and bring the Scooby Gang back together for a short reunion special. One can only hope.

14 February

Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks

February 2nd - Groundhog Day (Groundhog Day)

Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels like it’s repeating itself? Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels like it’s repeating itself?

Groundhog Day is a holiday that often goes unnoticed by the public. We await the prediction of spring’s early arrival or another six weeks of winter weather and then we shrug of the results without doing much else. So we feel the day could use an improvement. Why not spend it the same way Bill Murray did in this Harold Ramis classic? Repeat your actions by saying the same sentence twice or putting on two pairs of socks. If you really want to take it to the next level, do the same routine the next day and annoy everyone around you by constantly listening to "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher. Let’s see how long it takes for someone to say something.

February 13th - Galentine’s Day (Parks and Recreation)

For the uninitiated, February 13th is the day directly preceding Valentine’s Day. While all the hopeless romantics are out celebrating with their significant others, all the desperate singles are out looking for love. Then there are the few women who’ve opted to take a break from all the roses, cheap chocolates and plush animals to celebrate with their gal pals. Round up the girls and have a nice dinner. Go to a movie (no rom-coms allowed). Hit up some local shops and splurge a little or get a relaxing, deep tissue massage. Keep it about your girls and remember they’re always there when you need them.

February 24th - The Anniversary of Laura Palmer’s Death/Twin Peaks Day (Twin Peaks)

Take a load off at the Double R Diner and reminisce on the day Dale Cooper first drove into the small town of Twin Peaks. Every February, fans of David Lynch’s offbeat series commemorate the death of the mysterious Laura Palmer by watching their favorite characters like it’s the first time. Invite your friends over for a slice of cherry pie and coffee as black as midnight on a moonless night. If you want to get a little crazy, you can recreate One Eyed Jack’s with a game of blackjack and everybody’s favorite Twin Peaks-inspired cocktail, the Black Yukon Sucker Punch. Finally, spend the rest of your day chewing that gum you swear nobody likes. We have a feeling it's about to come back in style.

February 27th - Pokémon Day (Pokémon)

It’s time to bust out that collection of Pokémon cards we know you have stashed away. In honor of the release of Pocket Monsters: Red and Green on February 27, 1996 in Japan, Nintendo officially declared the date Pokémon Day. Use this day to set up an all Pokémon game room with games from all six generations. Watch your favorite episodes from the animated series and make sure to revisit some of the movies. Swap fan theories and strategy guides on how to build the best possible teams to defeat any challenger, and don't forget to duel each other to see who's a true Pokémon Master. Finish up the day by making DIY Pokéballs and handing them out to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

13 March

Battlestar Galactica Promo

March 6th - The Day of the Dude (The Big Lebowski)

Few movies have become so renowned that they’ve sparked religious followings, but that’s exactly what happened with the Coen brothers’ 1998 comedy The Big Lebowski. The Day of the Dude is the recognized holy day of Dudeism, a modern form of Chinese Taoism that uses the philosophical lessons of Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski to teach ways of spiritual bliss that reject all notions of aggression or excessive tendencies. The day is one of reflection used to acknowledge society’s affinity for fortune over simpler pleasures and to discuss ways of living a more relaxed life in the face of extreme difficulty or poverty.

Many Lebowski fans have taken this day as one to enjoy a White Russian or seven and bowl a few frames, but most importantly, it's regarded as a day of silence for all people named Donnie, who are clearly out of their element.

March 18th - Colonial Day (Battlestar Galactica)

Fifty-two years before the Fall, the Twelve Colonies of Kobol came together to sign the Articles of Colonization to deal with the impending threat of a Cylon takeover. Later on, in the eleventh episode of the first season of the show, President Laura Roslin would use the holiday as an occasion to reconstitute the Quorum of Twelve, a representative body within the Colonial government with each person acting on behalf of their own colony. The day, much akin to our own Independence Day, can be celebrated with a show of fireworks and role-playing before settling down for a twelve dish meal. Just remember to eat at least one healthy does of green algae for protein. Green Jello would make a great substitute!

March 21st-22nd - Purge Night (The Purge)

Purge Night takes place every year over 12 hours between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. beginning on March 21st on a night when all crime is legal. Of course, going out and murdering someone isn’t going to land you anywhere nice, so we have a few suggestions on how to spend your holiday.

Treat the night like an annual Halloween extravaganza. Throw a costume party complete with Purge-inspired DIY outfits. Make it a murder mystery theme or create your own escape room filled with challenging puzzles to help you make it through the night. If everyone is up for it, watch the series or possibly create your own haunted house to really get the scares going. Nothing is off limits on Purge Night, so make it your own and get the word out.

We'd also recommend checking out our Purge survival guide, in case the country you're living in ever gets a bit too dystopian for your tastes.

12 April

Star Trek First Contact

April 5th - First Contact Day (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Sadly, we have only one day scheduled in April. We’re still fifty years away from Dr. Zefram Cochrane’s achievement of warp speed with the flight of the Phoenix, prompting Earth’s first contact with the Vulcans in Bozeman, Montana. Cochrane would go on to become revered by the human race. A marble statue was erected in his honor at the Phoenix's original launch site. Many cities and planets would also be given his name to remember the day when one man went where no man had gone before.

On this occasion, children are let out of school and everyone celebrates with a meal full of Cochrane’s favorite foods -- including cheese pierogies. Find yourself a jukebox and listen to classic rock & roll all day while giving everyone the traditional Vulcan salute and reminding them to live long and prosper. With time to spare, watch the TOS episode “Metamorphosis” in which Cochrane makes his first appearance, then follow that up by screening First Contact for everybody in attendance.

11 May

Han Solo in Star Wars

May 2nd - The Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts/International Harry Potter Day

The first day of the year dedicated to the celebration of all things Hogwarts, May 2nd is the anniversary of the battle between good and evil which laid to rest so many of J.K. Rowling’s cherished characters. With Voldemort finally gone and no one left to ruin the party, fans can remember the likes of Remus Lupin, Severus Snape and Fred Weasley, who died in battle. Gather around a table and drink some butterbeer while eating a steak and kidney pie. Then take a series of quizzes to determine which Hogwarts house you should join while enjoying some chocolate frogs. Later on of course, you can burn off all those extra calories with a game of quidditch. The festivities can end on a serious note as you practice some spells in preparation for the last stand against the Dark Lord.

May 4th - The Anniversary of the Battle of New York (The Avengers)

Not a Star Wars fan? Tired of hearing about the next entry on our list? Maybe you just have stronger feelings for the MCU than George Lucas’ universe of characters. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered.

When a large portal opens up in the New York City skyline, people tend to take notice. When said portal then rains down an army of Chitauri while a man in an iron suit, a Norse god and a giant green dude go to town protecting the people, that’s when the news goes viral. On this day, we devote our time in memory of those lost to the utter destruction of the city. We say thanks to the members of the Avengers for their sacrifice. We do this by watching as much of the Marvel movies as humanly possible. We don our fan-made costumes and wear them proudly. Then we end our day speculating about who will die in Infinity War before settling down to eat some shawarma, because we don’t know what it is but we wanna try it.

May 4th - May the Fourth Be With You/Star Wars Day (Star Wars)

Hands down the most widely recognized day of celebration on your new calendar year, May the Fourth Be With You aka Star Wars Day has limitless possibilities if you are indeed the fans we’re looking for. Every year, Disneyland and Walt Disney World host Star Wars-themed events for the day in addition to attractions like Star Tours. But fear not, you don’t have to travel at lightspeed to those locations to enjoy the 4th. Stay local and enjoy a trivia night with friends. Go to a nearby bar or hot spot that’s decided to participate in the holiday. Enjoy a glass of blue milk or dress up as your favorite character and rewatch the series you love. You're guaranteed to have some sort of convention within driving distance that will let your rebel flag fly.

May 5th - Revenge of the Fifth (Star Wars)

Oh, you thought the holiday was over? Think again.

Now that you’ve successfully celebrated the fourth like a good Star Wars fan, it’s time to join the dark side. If you haven’t taken part in the new meme sensation that is Vadering, dress up like everybody’s favorite heavy-breather and take pictures about town of you using the force on everyone around you. Photobomb every selfie and group picture you see with your new outfit. And if you really want to make a night out of it, throw a party for the newly rebuilt Death Star, including a full seminar on how to join the Galactic Empire, complete with final talks and a questionnaire in order to recruit new members for your Storm Trooper army. Then march the streets with your new soldiers in toe to let the Rebel Alliance know you mean business.

10 May (Part II)

The Simpsons Whacking Day

May 10th - Whacking Day (The Simpsons)

Far from just a made-up holiday from the fourth season of The Simpsons, Whacking Day’s origins come from the real-life annual celebration of the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup in the second week of March in Sweetwater, Texas. A way of ridding the town of rattlesnake infestations, citizens collect the snakes and remove them from ranches, often clubbing them to death. The day is capped off with a rattlesnake meat eating competition. Since the writers of “Whacking Day” meant the episode as a way to bring awareness to animal rights issues, we suggest promoting the welfare of animals for a day by teaching fair practices over cruelty. However you choose to celebrate the day, we advise you to leave the snake handling to the professionals unless you want to pay some pricey medical bills.

May 25th - Towel Day (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

First observed two weeks after the death of author Douglas Adams, Towel Day has been recognized by adoring fans every year since 2001. The idea first came about in direct reference to a passage taken from Hitchhiker’s which states that a towel is the most widely used and recognizable item for an interstellar traveler. Anyone caught hitchhiking while in possession of a towel is assumed to be a well put together person. The towel would later make its way into the 2005 film adaptation.

In tribute of Adams’ work, his biggest followers wear a towel throughout the day to show their knowledge of the eponymous guidebook, taking it with them to work and out into public to show they are all truly hitchhikers.

9 June

Ghostbusters Original Cast

June 5th - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Due to some top investigative skills by Ferris Bueller’s biggest fans, we now know that the day the wise-cracking, fourth wall-breaking teen took off was on June 5th. Ignoring the fact that June 5, 1985 was on a Saturday in the middle of summer when school wasn’t in session, the date now serves as a reminder that sometimes you just need a day to take off on an adventure. Call in sick to work or play hooky from school and take a short road trip. Make sure to bring some friends along. Maybe you can visit the nearest karaoke bar and perform your best version of The Beatles' “Twist and Shout” cover, and of course, if there's a parade in town, make sure to swing by. The possibilities are endless when the open road can take you anywhere.

June 8th - Ghostbusters Day (Ghostbusters)

Set your proton packs to full blast and watch out for crossing streams, this is one holiday that could turn out to be messy. Wear your best Ghostbusters uniform and look into renting your very own ECTO-1 replica so you can drive around in style. Tell haunted ghost stories and try your hand at cleansing your home of evil spirits by making contact with the other side. If you really want to go all out and find yourself anywhere near New York City, go on a locations scouting tour to see the firehouse that would become the Ghostbusters headquarters. Throughout the day, enjoy slime green apple martinis and margaritas, and don’t forget to bring plenty of Stay Puft marshmallows.

June 22nd - The Pub Crawl (The World’s End)

A day of celebration isn’t really necessary to go bar hopping, but we’re making a case that everyone, no matter their age, should get out at least once a year to create an epic night of drunk stories. While there won’t be any pesky alien invasions getting in your way like in The World’s End, you are guaranteed a challenge that only the truly gifted will conquer. Mark out your pub crawl early, much like the four mates who took on the twelve pubs of the Golden Mile, and make sure you don’t stop until you’ve reached the end. Even if you’re not a big drinker, tag along anyway. It’s worth it purely to meet some news faces and watch your friends embarrass themselves as the night wears on.

8 July

Independence Day White House Explosion

July 4th - Independence Day (Independence Day)

The 4th is already upon us, so changing your holiday plans at such short notice probably isn’t happening, but keep this list in handy when you’re thinking of ways to freshen up the year's most patriotic holiday next time around. Sure Independence Day has long been on our holiday radar, but it was Will Smith and Roland Emmerich who launched the date into international recognition. To pay tribute, why not put a little spin on all the tradition? In the style of Captain Steven Hiller, lay back and smoke a stogie while watching all those fireworks. Look into scheduling a ride in a fighter jet just before the holiday, and with so much spare time between now and next year, plan a trip to Roswell for the UFO Festival, which takes place around the first week of July every year.

July 31st - J.K. Rowling’s Birthday/Harry Potter's Birthday (Harry Potter)

Our second tribute to the world of wizardry is prepping for a big night later this year. With the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we’ll finally get a glimpse at what’s happened to Harry since the Battle of Hogwarts. Now working for the Ministry of Magic, the stage play will follow Harry’s younger son Albus Severus Potter and will debut at the Palace Theatre in London on the 30th, with the script book being released the following day.

Rather than staying in to read Cursed Child, which you should have plenty of time for after the 31st, we suggest busting out your passport to see the play firsthand. If you think that’s too far, maybe a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando will suit you better. With attractions like the Hogwarts Express and the Knight Bus interactive show, it will be one holiday you’ll be happy to get out of the house for.

7 August

T800 in Terminator 2 Judgement Day

August 4th - 1984 Day (1984)

Big Brother is watching. George Orwell’s influential novel about a dystopian, totalitarian state that watches your every move is said to begin on August 4th of the eponymous year. The novel about Winston Smith, a clerk in the Records Depart of the Ministry of Truth who rewrites historical documents, has inspired multiple literary works and films, including a direct movie adaptation starring John Hurt.

Those who acknowledge the date have used it as a means of protest against omnipresent government surveillance. More recently, controversies surrounding NSA spy applications used to gather intel and keep track of targeted civilians has become a topic of debate which has led to multiple cities participating in 1984 Day. If nothing else, the 4th is a day to appreciate Orwell’s progressive thinking and to be grateful for not living in the superstate of Oceania

August 12th - Federation Day (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Although many non-canon sources have listed different dates for Federation Day, August 12th is the most recognized observance, mentioned in the season five episode “The Outcast” in Star Trek: The Next Generation. To celebrate the patriotic holiday commemorating the signing of the Articles of the Federation in 2161, invite friends over for a game of Federation Day poker in which “2”s, “aces” and “6”s are wild in celebration of the holiday’s founding year. While enjoying a night of gambling, dine on some Star Trek inspired cuisine such as Plomeek soup, Rokeg blood pie or algae puffs. To cap off the night, host a firework show for all your fellow Trekkers.

August 29th - Judgement Day (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

According to the mythos of the Terminator franchise, August 19, 1997 was the day that Skynet became self-aware, in effect establishing an artificial intelligence hierarchy and sending a T-800 back in time to eliminate society’s only hope, John Connor. Of course, we averted that disaster nearly two decades ago, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet. So we’re reserving the 19th as a day to celebrate that our technology has not become sentient yet. As any paranoid tech user should, go dark for the day. Rid yourself of your phone, computer, smartwatch, the whole shebang. Instead, be grateful to be alive and set your sights on your own personal bucket list. Go skydiving or bungee jumping; get a tattoo or eat something exotic. You’ll thank us later.

6 September

Firefly Serenity Crew

September 20th - Unification Day/Malcolm Reynold’s Birthday (Firefly)

September 20th is a day of significance for fans of Joss Whedon’s short-lived Firefly. Not only is it the anniversary of the day the Unification War between the Union of Allied Planets and Independent Planets ended, it’s also the day Captain Malcolm Reynolds was born. Due to his strictly anti-Alliance stance and the fact he was a Browncoat for the Independence faction during the war, Reynolds celebrates the 20th by finding an Alliance bar and picking a fight. While we can’t encourage anyone going out and starting a bar fight, that doesn’t mean you can’t choreograph one at your local watering hole. Grab a bottle of your favorite sauce, remember to drink responsibly and fly your Browncoat flag with honor!

September 22nd - The Anniversary of Oceanic Flight 815 (Lost)

Another crowded day on the calendar, this date honors those who never made it back home from their flight out of Sydney to LAX. If you're not too busy celebrating Hobbit Day (check the next entry on the calendar), take a moment to remember all the good times on the island before things got messy with all the time jumping and imaginary friends named Jacob.  In honor of the first season, throw a luau complete with a pool and hot tub. Debate over who Kate should’ve ended up with between Jack and Sawyer and practice an emergency trachea -- because these things happen. But most importantly, no matter what you do, always remember to inform your party guests to learn to live together or else they’re going to die alone.

September 22nd - Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ Birthday/Hobbit Day (The Lord of the Rings)

Commemorate the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Shire’s most beloved hobbits during the greatest day of Tolkien Week. Prepare a feast outside, adorned with a large picnic table and lanterns to light the night sky when the sun sets. Light a large bonfire and bring some music to dance the night away. Food recommendations include wine and cheese as well as fresh baked breads, mushrooms, vegetables, berries and mince meat pies. The night can wrap up with everyone choosing to read their favorite passages from the books while role playing some of the characters. Before the night is through, make sure to start a garden to keep the Shire looking impeccable and to supply you with the foods for next year’s gathering.

5 October

Parks and Recreation Treat Yo Self Day

October 3rd - Mean Girls Day (Mean Girls)

Fans of Tina Fey’s 2004 comedy Mean Girls will remember October 3rd as the day Aaron asked Cady what day it was. From there on, things got heated between the couple and tensions grew high between Cady and Regina George, the leader of the most popular clique in North Shore High, the Plastics.

It’s a strictly no carb day on the third of the month. Eat anything off the Taco Bell menu and wear sweat pants even if they don’t match the rest of your outfit. Even though it’s still Autumn, host your own version of the Winter Talent Show. Switch into your Santa’s Helper outfit and perform “Jingle Bell Rock”. Make sure to leave enough spotlight to go around for K.G. and the Power of 3 as they prepare to dish out some dope rhymes with “The Mathlete Rap”.

October 5th - James Bond Day (Dr. No)

Invented as a 50th anniversary celebration for the release of Dr. No, James Bond Day was a global recognition of the suave agent scheduled in time for the premiere of Skyfall in 2012. But we say why not make it an annual tradition in honor of your favorite version of 007? Wear your snazziest tuxedo, set up card tables around the room and keep the vodka martinis coming. For music, play the soundtracks from every 007 movie in history (an epic playlist if there ever was one). Participate in long debates over which Bond is the best Bond and make sure you try seducing everyone at the party with your keen sense of fashion.

October 13th - Treat Yo Self Day (Parks and Recreation)

Tired from a long day at work? Want to take a little time off just for you? Treat yo self!

No expense is spared when it comes to making yourself happy on Treat Yo Self Day. Created as a way to build your confidence, this glorious holiday of self-indulgence began as a way for Tom Haverford and Retta to splurge on some new threads, massages, a few mimosas and some manis and pedis. You’re guaranteed to come out looking so new, you’ll wish you’d never skipped work just so you could show how rejuvenated you really are. Just don’t get too carried away. Remember to know your spending limit so you don’t find yourself in crushing debt the next day.

But if you see a movie quality Batman suit, don't hesitate. Treat. Yo. Self.

4 October (Part II)

Marty McFly in Back to the Future II

October 14th - The Anniversary of the Sudden Departure (The Leftovers)

It can be hard losing someone. It was on this day that 140 million people, two percent of the world’s population, disappeared without a trace. While two percent doesn’t sound like much, it left a devastating toll on those who remained. So what better way is there to celebrate a day of loss than to make yourself available to those in need?

October 14th is as good a day as any to volunteer to do some good. Help your community in any way you can. Offer to donate food to the hungry. Participate in a food drive. Donate blood. Get rid of any spare clothing you don’t wear. Teach kids to read. A little bit of help goes a long way and you’ll feel better afterwards, we guarantee it.

October 18th - Jayne Day (Firefly)

The Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!

Jayne Day is the celebration of the Robin Hood-esque heroics of mercenary Jayne Cobb, commemorated by the citizens of Canton on Higgins’ Moon. The small town resurrected a statue in their hero’s image along with creating the “Ballad of Jayne Cobb” to retell the story of how he robbed from the wealthy Magistrate Higgins and dumped the money from his ship to the poor townsfolk below. Although the money was only given to the poor to dump some weight so Cobb and his partner could escape, he became an idol nevertheless. Sing the song of his praise and recount his story from your own imagination, with detailed fan art in order to remember the day Jayne Cobb gave back to the mudders of the Canton factory. To end the day, don’t forget to watch the episode “Jaynestown” in his honor.

October 21st - Back to the Future Day (Back to the Future II)

Last year, Back to the Future II finally caught up to the present. October 21, 2015, the date which Marty McFly travels to in the sequel, has officially passed us by. With no detailed accounts of a DeLorean appearing from thin air, we're left to assume McFly may never show up, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t take the day off to look back on our favorite time-traveling franchise.

In order to celebrate the day accordingly, plan everything ahead of schedule. Start the morning with a quiet hoverboard ride around your neighborhood before taking a drive around your town later in the day in a rented replica of Doc Brown's time-skipping automobile. Finish the holiday in fashion by watching the movies that started it all, then getting to work on your very own screenplay for Jaws 19.

3 November

How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving

November 5th - The Fifth of November/Guy Fawkes Night (V for Vendetta)

Another instance in which a holiday on this list existed prior to any pop cultural recognition, the Fifth of November, better known as Guy Fawkes Night in Great Britain, is a commemoration of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. On the night in question, Fawkes and a group of English Catholics planted gunpowder underneath the Palace of Westminster to assassinate Protestant King James. The failed attempt and the man behind the plan would later serve as inspiration for the mysterious freedom fighter V and his plot to overthrow a totalitarian government in V for Vendetta. Today, the holiday is best celebrated by having a bonfire with friends and family, often burning effigies of Fawkes as well as other infamous political figures.

November 17th - Life Day (The Star Wars Holiday Special)

Because we know you can never have enough Star Wars, we resorted to going to the worst of the worst purely for your entertainment purposes.

Rightfully so, The Star Wars Holiday Special is considered among the worst televised holiday specials of all time, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good ideas included behind the holiday in question. To celebrate the Wookie Life Day properly, re-imagine the planet of Kashyyyk by camping near a life tree of your own and showing thanks for the lives around you. Build a fire, sing songs from the Star Wars Christmas album and share a moment of silence in honor of those who have passed away. When the night is nearing its end, have some Hoth chocolate to get warm and enjoy some nice Wookie-ookie cookies.

November 22nd-28th- Slapsgiving (How I Met Your Mother)

What’s that burning sensation you’re feeling across your cheek? If you’re one of the few to take part in the annual Slapsgiving holiday, then you my friend have just fallen on the wrong end of a slap bet.

This holiday got its humble start on HIMYM when Marshall first got the idea to unload all the remaining slaps he had won in a bet against friend and slap recipient Barney Stinson on Thanksgiving. Having lost a bet in which he was promised to be slapped in the face as payment, Barney spent his Thanksgiving in wait for the impending pain. You too can make your friends a nervous wreck if you begin wagering with slaps now. The best part about it is that no one can complain about the violence, and if you’re in a particularly giving mood, you can even hand over your slap to someone who really needs to hit somebody. Granted, you’re going to need permission from the Slap Bet Commissioner first.

2 November (Part II)

David Tennant as Doctor Who

November 23rd - TARDIS Day (Doctor Who)

The doctor is in, and this very special Wholiday has got all the Whovians going through a regeneration of their own. Over the course of its five decade run, we’ve witnessed a total of 12 different Time Lords, all of them equally memorable for different reasons. Instead of dressing up and acting like one of them, we say switch it up! Do as many of them as you want. Make sure to wear a bow tie at some point in the day and have a gift exchange with some fellow Who fans. End your day by watching the episode that started it all “An Unearthly Child” and reenacting the scenes with friends as you watch the magic unfold in a whole new light.

November 27th - The Anniversary of Samantha Mulder’s Abduction (The X Files)

The longest running secret in television history came to a disappointing end in The X Files’ seventh season -- or did it? Relive the conspiracy all over again during the week of Thanksgiving by doing your own investigative analysis of the day Samantha Mulder was abducted by aliens from her home in Chilmark, Massachusetts. Start by participating in a session of hypnotic regression therapy to unlock all those secrets you’ve repressed for so long. Then, gather around to swap stories about what really happened on that fateful night in 1973 while eating sunflower seeds or enjoying a nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle. If you still haven't had your X Files fill by the end of the day, you can always go searching for your own mysterious cases. The truth is out there, if you're willing to find it.

1 December

Seinfeld Festivus

December 10th - Merlinpeen/The Verdukian Holiday of Mouth Pleasures (30 Rock)

Originally imagined on 30 Rock as a way to get out of the Secret Santa gift exchange at work, this fake day has since gained traction as a legitimate contender for best holiday of all time. As strict adherents of “Verdukianism,” a fake religion that doesn’t believe in exchanging anonymous gifts, Frank, Toofer and Lutz follow the traditions of Merlinpeen. According to the customs, which they make up on the spot, the day consists of eating a meat lover’s pizza, drinking root beer and having your teeth lovingly flossed by a blonde virgin. After participating in these mouth pleasures, you sing the song “Oh, Meatbowl of Verduke, you bring me such pizza. Meatbowl." Once you've had enough food to make your teeth decay, add a few more large bowls of meat cubes to the table to give your mouth a whole new sensation it will thank you for later.

December 23rd - Festivus (Seinfeld)

Now that you’re closing in on the end of the calendar year, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that you may be growing tired of all the holidays. What you need is a day to get away from all the hustling crowds and commercialized pressures. You need a Festivus!

As the customary practices of Festivus dictate, the Christmas tree or Menorah is replaced with the low fuss Festivus pole, a single aluminum pole which is displayed without any tinsel or decoration. After eating the traditional Festivus dinner, the Air of Grievances begins and each holiday participant must go around the room to air their dirty laundry. It’s a moment to take out all the year’s frustrations on the people at the table. Finally, to round out the night, the annual Feats of Strength commence with the head of the household choosing one person after another to wrestle him or her in a one on one match-up until the home owner is defeated. The night comes to an end when the tensions settle down and the year's frustrations are wiped away.


Did we leave out any of your favorite nerd-tastic fictional holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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