Hana Solo Cosplay

Hana Solo SR Geek Picks: May the 4th Be with You 2013 Edition

Our beautiful Geek Girl Lossien brings us a special Star Wars Day treat! May the 4th be with you! Here’s what she said about the costume and the shoot…

“I grew up watching the Star Wars trilogy (thanks Mom and Dad!), and loved them, because let’s be honest, who didn’t? Anyways, I was re-watching them, and I realized how awesome Han Solo truly is. I had my sketch pad out during the films, and I found myself designing a female of Han, a ‘Hana’ Solo, if you will. After the films, I took a look at all of the fabric I already had, left over from other projects. I had everything I needed, so I decided to go for it an make the costume! The gun was even a Nerf gun that we had sitting around the house – my husband modified the barrel and painted it, making sure that it still fires, of course.

Merc Media and I went out to an abandoned construction site to get the look of Tatooine, and went nuts getting photos. They turned out fantastic, because Merc Media and I were on the exact same page – the look and feel of Star Wars, Tatooine, and Han Solo!”

How Star Wars Characters Eat Their Food

How Animals Eat Their Food Parody.

May the Fourth be With You: Free the Disney Goat Edition

Free the Disney Goat:

Hard working. Dependable. And no one loves his job more. That’s Billy. The Disney Goat on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®.

Ole Billy’s heard it all when it comes to the awesome things that Florida residents can do at Walt Disney World® Resort. The only problem? He can’t actually get down to live out and experience all of his Disney dreams. Unless…you want to help him! Watch the video then click the link to FREE THE GOAT! Share and spread his plee… Let’s Do This!

Japan Pacific League Baseball and Star Wars

How did I not realize this before?

Chip And Dale Dress Like Indiana Jones And Magnum PI SR Geek Picks: May the 4th Be with You 2013 Edition

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

Today’s picks have been brought to you by: Redditstuntbear, GeekXGirlsBetweenThePagesstarwars, Neatoramajenniferlandateddiefilms and DisneyParks.

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