Gears of War 5 is Simply Called Gears 5

Xbox fans are told that The Coalition's upcoming Gears of War 5 is getting a more streamlined name and should be called Gears 5 from now on.

Gears of War Xbox

The upcoming Gears of War 5 is having a change of name and dropping its "of War" for the simplified title Gears 5. The news of an expanded Gears of War franchise was one of the highlights of Microsoft's E3 presentation, but with so many new titles knocking around, developers at The Coalition have decided to make everything a little less confusing.

The fifth main game in the Gears franchise showcased its action-packed trailer with some stunning graphics and hints of what is to come in the next chapter of the story. As the trailer ended with the words Gears 5, some gamers were already questioning if Gears of War 5 was getting an abridged name. New reports confirm that Gears 5 was deliberate and that players can expect to see it plastered all over the game's ongoing marketing campaign.

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IGN's Ryan McCaffrey asked what's going on with Gears of War 5's name and prompted The Coalition's head Rod Fergusson to respond on Twitter. Fergusson confirmed that Gears 5 is what everyone should call the game moving forward.

Although players will have to get used to Gears 5, it will still be hard to shake the habit of calling the game Gears of War 5. That being said, with the recently announced mobile and turn-based games being called Gears POP! and Gears Tactics, the change is a logical step to take for the future of the franchise.

A new name isn't all that is different ahead of Gears 5. The next-gen game will put Kait Diaz as the series' first female protagonist in a much bigger game. The Coalition is also looking at instigating open-world elements to Gears 5 to reinvent the franchise from its first entry back in 2006. Although Microsoft is often accused of trailing behind Sony's first-party exclusives, Gears of War remains one of the companies best-selling properties.

Changing a name might not seem like a big deal, but it at least solidifies The Coalition's vision for the future and streamlines a whole family of Gears games as developers branch out further. It has been two years since Gears of War 4 became The Force Awakens of the franchise with a whole new team, so let's see if Gears 5 can live up to the hype and outshine its predecessors. Alongside the continued hopes of a Gears of War movie, there is no stopping The Coalition as the gears keep on turning for the sci-fi shooter.

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Source: Rod Fergusson/Twitter

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