Another New Horrifying Gears 5 Enemy Revealed: Swarm Leeches

Gears 5 Kait Diaz

The Coalition has unveiled a brand new enemy from the upcoming Gears of War 5 and it's time to meet the Swarm Leeches. Although the E3 trailer for Gears 5 teased some of the monsters that the long-running franchise will face, gamers can now get up close and personal with a deadliest new addition.

Taking the series in a different direction with a whole encyclopedia of new enemies, fans have already got to grips with formidable foe The Warden. As Gears 5 nears its 2019 release, developers are keen to show off more of the upgraded creatures that will be making everyone's lives a living hell.

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Shared by the official Gears of War Twitter, Swarm Leeches have no trouble chomping through metal armor as they form the Swarm Flock. It's safe to assume that chewing through human flesh would be like a light snack for these carnivorous critters. As the Tweet warns that Swarm Leeches "will be your worst nightmare," expect them to be an annoying presence throughout the latest game rather than just a one-shot nuisance. How Swarm Leeches work remains to be seen, but it looks like the flying Swarm Flock can crawl inside and cause opponents to literally explode outwards.

Remembering back to the original Gears of War in 2006, the bat-like Kryll were the closest that gamers have got to Swarm Leeches before. Although the Kryll went extinct in the same game, their legacy lives on (sort of) with the Swarm Leeches. With the Kryll being remembered for their own Kryll grenade, just imagine a Swarm Leech grenade filling the screen.

Considering John Ortega hinted there may be other species of Kryll out there in Gears of War, the developers could be picking up that forgotten storyline over 12 years later. Either way, The Coalition isn't just relying on recycling old monsters for Gears 5 and is committed to bringing new challenges alongside a fresh crop of characters and franchise favorites likes JD Fenix and Delmont Walker.

Protagonist Kait Diaz looks to have her hands full as Gears 5 introduces plenty of unique enemies, but let's remember that is isn't just a load of flashy monsters that are hoping to lure players back for Gears 5. Developers are promising a stronger focus on the story, and with8 Gears 5 getting a simplified name to become part of a larger franchise, the Swarm Leeches could become part of a continuing series like other Hollow creatures including Reavers and Bloodmounts. Gears 5 will release on Xbox One and Windows PC at some point in 2019.

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Source: Gears of War/Twitter

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