Gears of War 4: Horde Mode 3.0 Trailer

Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 Multiplayer Mode

Gears of War 4, a new addition to the original trilogy, is the first major game from Microsoft offshoot The Coalition. Set on planet Sera 25 years after the events of the trilogy, Gears 4 opens with a new team and a new threat in the beastly Swarm and the android-esque DeeBees. After the single-player campaign trailer from E3 showed over 6 minutes of in-game footage, it's multiplayer mode's turn to shine.

Microsoft is hosting a big event at PAX West with live gameplay opportunities in the PAX Arena. Here, con-goers can try their hand at versus multiplayer mode and more information will be provided about the "Arms Race." There will also be an all-star battle between some of the world's best Gears of Wars players, and those in attendance can get score an exclusive Horde 3.0 poster designed by Walking Dead artist Tony Moore.

At PAX West, Microsoft is primed to bring fans a new look for Gears of War 4's upcoming Horde 3.0 co-op multiplayer mode. It's time to dust off those Lancer rifles and grab four friends -- Gears of War 4 is the first game in the series since the second Gears to have co-op multiplayer. With plenty of familiarity for fans of the franchise, players should also be prepared for some very innovative differences. Check it out above.

Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 Multiplayer Mode

Horde 3.0, as seen in the trailer, showcases a five player squad as they fight to battle 50 waves of enemies, with a boss fight every 10th wave to make sure the team is up for the challenge. Major changes from previous Gears of War multiplayer modes include the ability to play as one of five classes: Sniper, Engineer, Soldier, Scout, and Heavy. This dynamic is not unlike Overwatch or Mass Effect 3 where players can choose a style based on their fighting/gaming preference.

Teams are balanced with one of each class as players take on the Swarm and DeeBees. Another new feature called Fabricator gives players the ability to spawn deployable defenses on any map in order to hold a position or break an enemy line. Players will also have the opportunity to earn Gear Cards that allow for character bonuses/upgrades like more weapon damage or granting the ability to carry more in their packs.

Horde 3.0 multiplayer mode aims to stay fresh with The Coalition releasing two DLC maps each month, but players can expect to fork over additional funds to get the Season Pass. For fans who can't make it out to PAX West, Xbox will be streaming all their Gears events live on Twitch.

Gears of War 4 hits Xbox One and Windows PC on October 11th.

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