Gears Of War Still Turning

This is just a quick update for you video game fans out there: Legendary Pictures is reportedly in negotiations to acquire Epic Games, the same video game company that released the now-classic Gears Of War in 2006.

Ideas for a Gears Of War film have been getting tossed around Movieland ever since the game sold over five million copies worldwide, and it looks like Legendary Pictures wants to make it happen.

Execs at both Legendary and Epic have had little to say about the possible acquisition (other than to confirm that negotiations are underway). However, this news is surfacing less than two weeks after top-suit over at Legendary, Thomas Tull, resigned from the board of Brash Entertainment, the video game licensing/publishing company he co-founded, and whose performance he had reportedly been unhappy with for some time. With Epic only weeks away from releasing Gears Of War 2, it would be the perfect time for Tull to hop on board and get a Gears movie adaptation in the works over at Legendary Pictures.

Epic Games also has another  hot property besides the Gears franchise, Unreal Tournament, a first-person shooter online combat simulator whose design engine is often rented out to third party developers as a  mold for their own games. That steady source of revenue would be a promising incentive for Legendary.

Taking all that into account, it's easy to believe that Tull pulled out of Brash in order to refocus his attention on a company he felt would be a more worthwhile endeavor. Should Legendary in fact acquire Epic, it would mark the first time that a film financing company has invested in a video game developer (though several major studios have recently gone that same route).

However, does any of his news guarantee us a Gears Of War movie we'll actually be able to sit through?

For those who don't know the game follows a bunch of rough-neck soldiers on a future Earth that's been overrun by subterranean beasts known as "The Locusts." There are guns with chainsaw bayonets, blood and guts galore, with a flimsy plot to string it all together. And, while the game(s) might be awesome, if Legendary is planning to put together a film adaptation reminiscent of Doom, I say just save yourself the money, Legendary, and spare us the pain.

But what do you say?

Source: Latino Review

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