Gears 5 Won't Have A Season Pass or Gear Packs and All Maps Are Free

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Microsoft revealed some exciting new footage from Gears 5 at its E3 2019 conference, but it looks like The Coalition aren't quite done with announcing its plans for the upcoming Gears of War title. Notably, the game is apparently going to get rid of season passes, gear packs, and the team is making all DLC maps free.

The team behind Gears 5 has announced that it's overhauling the way that it delivers in-game content to players. It is one of our most anticipated video games of 2019, and these changes that appear to work to address RNG in real-money purchases and uncertainty from players in earning content are a positive step forward. These content changes don't stop at removing season -passes, though.

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The official Gears 5 website has just released a guide to how players can expect to earn content in the franchise's latest installment. The most notable changes to the content plan are a lack of Season Passes, the removal of Gear Packs, and the fact that DLC maps will be free for players to access regardless of whether it's for public matchmaking or just personal use. There's also a new Tour of Duty system being introduced as a way for players to earn content ⁠— this system is going to incentivize players to complete specific in-game challenges for corresponding customization rewards, and these challenges will change each season. Playing game modes like Escape and Versus will also provide you with opportunities to earn content, and all the time that you spend in multiplayer will rack up towards earning you a free Supply Drop of items that can't be bought with real money.

While it's not a complete departure from microtransactions, what Gears 5 is doing with its approach to content is arguably a step in the right direction. It's good that the traditional mechanic of gambling on content with in-game currency is being eliminated here; all purchases made by players of premium content have been termed 'direct' purchases by the team behind the game. This means that you'll know exactly what cosmetic item you're purchasing when you spend cash. Ensuring that pay-to-win mechanics aren't preyed upon or exploited by those with the financial resources to hoard in-game currency is another positive measure that will keep the playing field level in multiplayer.

It's likely that the Gears 5 team is going to give us more information about how these content changes will work in practice the closer we get to the game's September 10 release date. The Tour of Duty mode seems especially comprehensive so we're expecting more about how it functions, and Gears 5 does love flashy trailers when announcing big-ticket news items. There's also going to be a technical test on July 19, so you can look forward to if you're keen to sink your teeth into the latest of what The Coalition has to offer.

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Source: Gears 5 Official Website

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