Gears 5 Has A Cool "Fish On A Stick" Easter Egg That Turns Into A Weapon

A Gears 5 player uncovers one of the game's earliest Easter Eggs in the Fish Stick, a melee weapon that could be a reference to South Park.

Gears 5 Fish Stick Easter Egg

Gears 5 has a cool Fish Stick Easter Egg that turns what appears to be a subtle nod to South Park into a melee weapon capable of dishing out some serious damage - in a much less serious fashion. Gears 5 is The Coalition’s attempt to make significant changes to the series formula, including dramatic departures from both narrative chronology and protagonists that have made the game feel to many like a franchise reboot.

Gears 5 follows the story of Kait Diaz as she grapples with a brand new E-Day - used to refer to historical events that see iconic enemies the Locust emerge from the underground to attack humanity. Kait is unique in that she has Locust ancestry, and must uncover both what that means for her as a person and how it connects to the history of the species that humanity has been fighting. While Gears 5 contains many nods to the heroes and stories that have come before it, it also attempts to do something new with its storytelling - not to mention Gears 5 co-op multiplayer, which has gone with an odd-numbered three instead of the traditional four.

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Gears 5 hasn’t lost the tone of content that made it popular with fans in previous iterations, though. Gears 5’s fish stick Easter Egg is one such example. First discovered by YouTuber Maka91Productions, the Easter Egg allows players to obtain a ridiculously-proportioned fish impaled on a long stick, for use as a melee weapon while exploring. It’s possible it’s a reference to the extremely popular South Park fishstick meme that made the rounds years ago and has occasionally resurfaced ever since. It could also be a play on the food item itself, since it is literally just a fish on a stick. Either way, the Gears 5 Fish Stick packs a serious punch with enemy-disrupting flavor that frozen dinners could only hope to contain.

How to Find The Gears 5 Fish Stick

Finding the Gears 5 Fish Stick isn’t terribly difficult, though it’s definitely possible to miss. It’s in Act 1, Chapter 1: Shot in the Dark, and it’s present within the first 10 minutes of the game. When the team separates into two groups, the player will end up in the sewer section of the level. Once they come across 4 valves across two sides of a room, players need to shoot each valve to release steam from them. Once they do, a golden light will emerge from the ceiling above and JD will comically state “Easter Egg, baby!” as the Fish Stick weapon descends from the heavens.

What Does Gears 5’s Fish Stick Do?

The Gears 5 Fish Stick is a melee weapon with extremely limited charges. Once it runs out of ammo, it’s done for good - there’s no way to pick up additional charges, and once it’s done, the player will drop it and be unable to pick it up again. However, players can simply reload the checkpoint to use it again if they want to, allowing them to have a bit of fun in the early moments of Gears 5.

With players already finding Gears 5 Easter Eggs - and the game being more than happy to point them out when they occur - it’s only a matter of time before more interesting ones begin cropping up. The Coalition has put the work in on the small details in one of fall 2019’s biggest releases, and it’s paying off already, as fans of Gears 5 begin to dive deep into the game’s content to find more treats like the Gears 5 Fish Stick Easter Egg.

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Source: Maka91Productions/YouTube

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