Gears 5: Locations For ALL 90 Collectibles In The Campaign

Gears 5 collectibles locations can be difficult, given that there are a whopping 90 of them scattered across the campaign. Here's a guide to help.

Gears 5 Collectibles Location Guide Explained All 90

Gears 5 collectibles are once again a major feature of the game, continuing the long-standing tradition of including a number of references and storyline treasures in the campaign mode. Gears of War has been a series that has put a lot of effort into creating as many little references to past games, fan wishes, and narrative callbacks as possible, and the result has been fans diving deep into the story not just to see what happens, but to uncover all of the secrets buried just under the surface.

Gears 5 may have rebooted the series in name and in protagonist, but it has maintained much of what made the franchise such a juggernaut for Microsoft and Xbox. The Coalition has returned to the Gears universe with a fresh set of eyes in Kait Diaz and has put players directly into the fray of another E-Day as it occurs rather than years after the event. Other changes, like those made to Gears 5 co-op mode and the way multiplayer is designed, have also resulted in positive feedback from fans, making Gears 5 one of the hottest releases of fall 2019.

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There are a few neat tricks to make Gears 5 collectibles much easier to collect. The best method is to play through Gears 5 on the easiest difficulty setting. Gears 5 collectible locations don't change based on difficulty and players aren't penalized for finding them on easier settings, so there's really no reason not to double back through previously completed levels on the most favorable settings to expedite the process. There are 90 different Gears 5 collectibles, after all - saving some time is well worth the decision to make the game less difficult during that process, especially for the many players who will want to acquire all of them.

Gears 5 Review Roundup Gameplay Changes

Gears 5 Act 1 - Chapter 1: Shot in the Dark Collectible Locations

  • Weathered Spectacles - At the very beginning as soon as player's gain control of their character, walk forward and slightly to the right to find the Weathered Spectacles sitting on a rock.
  • Onyx Guard Challenge Coin - Climb out of the water to the left at the start of the game. Take the cliff wall path to the left and the collectible is on the ground.
  • Wellness Advisory Poster - Left side of the ruined facility's bathroom.
  • COG Tags: Fallen Azura Gear - After the battle in the second silo, go straight to the Infirmary rather than left up the stairs to the Commander's office. On the right of the Infirmary there are bodies, one of which contains the Gears 5 collectible.
  • Chairman's Wristwatch - After acquiring the COG Tags, climb stairs on the way to the Commander's office but instead turn left into the dark room instead of continuing down the corridor. The collectible is on the desk.
  • Lightmass Missile Strike Authorization - After the encounter on the way to the Commander's Office, use the door on the far left corner before getting Dave through a vent. Players will know they're in the right room if they find a set of consoles in a room that has a pristine view of the area they just came through. On one console is the Gears 5 collectible.
  • UIR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints - After Dave unlocks the door from the vent, search the desk in the room opposite the Commander's office.

Gears 5 Act 1 - Chapter 2: Diplomacy Collectible Locations

  • Photograph of Kilo Squad - Immediately after the chapter gives the player control, go to the desk beside Dave and loot the collectible.
  • Mark 3 Lancer Blueprint - After getting the Flash component, turn left and find the crates along the furthest wall. This Gears 5 collectible is hidden on top of one of those crates.
  • Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix - Again, after getting the Flash component, turn right but avoid leaving the room. Find the trolleys on this side of the location and there will be some papers to find regarding one of the Gears franchise's biggest stars.
  • Gym Notice to Trainees - After fighting Fahz, go to the side of the gym with some lockers and loot the collectible from the wall (it's hanging up).
  • DBI Marketing Brochure - Before Jinn's office, there's a seat on the left side of the doors that lead into the objective that have the collectible sitting on it.

Gears 5 Act 1 - Chapter 3: This Is War Collectible Locations

  • COG Tags: Fallen Raven Pilot - As soon as the chapter begins and gives players control, there's a tag located on the ground next to a dead COG soldier.
  • The New Ephyran: 20th Anniversary Edition - Once the team has left the crash site, move forward until locating an office. There's a Gears 5 collectible on the desk in the back of the room, towards the left side.
  • Seditious Literature - After the first battle, move upstairs. Turn around on the next floor to find a desk in a corner with a collectible located on it.
  • Settlement 2 Welcome Package - Once the player finds a room full of civilians, walk towards the exit that has a COG soldier guarding it. Instead of using the exit, walk through the small room to the left. Players will know they're in the right area if there's a guitar inside. The collectible is on the table near the room's entrance.
  • Storied Embry Star - After the fight with Lizzie, enter a ruined building on the left side of the park gate. Upstairs, there's a Gears 5 collectible hidden in a wooden drawer.
  • COG Tags: Fallen Gear at Condor Crash - After making it through the park section of this chapter, there's wreckage across the bridge of a Condor ship that has tags hidden amidst a sea of destroyed Deebees.
  • Serian Colossus - After a section that requires battling juvies, players can spot a book store near the end of the road. Inside there's a Gears 5 collectible in a display at the center of the store where some bronze statues are reading books.

Gears 5 Act 1 - Chapter 4: The Tide Turns Collectible Locations

  • Memo to Bohma Staff - In the loading dock after breaking through the gate, walk left down the stairs towards the van and use vault to gain access tot he building. There's a collectible on a table.
  • COG Tags: Fallen Cog at Hotel - Still in the loading dock, players go into a dark storage room through a blue door. There's a dead COG soldier - loot their tags.
  • Lost Horse Plush - After a tense battle against Rejects, move through the golden doors into a room with a garden in the middle of it. Behind the garden and under the stairs, there's a Gears 5 toy to loot.
  • Settlement 2 Summer Birth Pamphlet - In the same room as the Lost Horse Plush, there are stairs to go up to another floor. On that level, there's a purple sign that talks about parents of Settlement 2 - the pamphlet is on the tables beside those signs.
  • Song Lyrics - Once in the theater, move forward until reaching a hallway. The first left leads to a dressing room, which in turn leads into an even smaller room. There are song lyrics on the table to the right of the entrance.
  • Worn Lighter - Leave the dressing room that leads to the Song Lyrics and move straight forward before getting to the backstage area. Down the small steps, there's a collectible located on a dressing table.
  • Octus Canon Scroll Prop - Once on the stage, move all the way to the other side of the room and next to the curtain lever there's a prop located on top of a storage crate.

Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 1: Recruitment Drive Collectible Locations

  • Hand-Carved Riftworm Flute - Once the mission begins and players gain control of Kait, move right down the stairs and go through the yellow doorway. There's a flute located on the table inside the shop.
  • Ilima City License Plate - The main road of town will eventually have a furnace located along it. Near the fire of the furnace is another Gears 5 collectible.
  • Lost Gear Helmet - Left of the massive painted bone on the main road are some bushes. There's a helmet (complete with skull still attached!) hidden on the ground within the bushes.
  • Wooden Toy Lancer - This collectible needs to wait until a boy shoots a toy lancer at Kait while exploring town. He'll leave the collectible behind by a cement block on the right side of the street as he runs away.
  • Major Howl and The Battlin' Ants - Still on the main path, there's a shop called Salvage N' Trade near the furnace. Go inside and there's a collectible on the display case next to two lanterns.
  • New Village Rules Mandate - At the end of the main road is a workshop that players have to visit anyways in order to progress the Gears 5 campaign. Once entered, go to the left towards lockers and grab the mandate that's hanging up off them.
  • Note to The Chief - Once Kait regains vision, walk straight into the yellow building directly in front of her. Inside, there's a note placed on a massive wooden table that's impossible to miss.
  • Norsko's Letter - Once the player gets access to the steam farm, go right of the path and move past some discarded tires. There's a letter on top of one of several wooden crates surrounding beside an outcropping of rock.
  • Outsider Skiff Schematic - After doubling back to the part of the town with the furnace, go to the workshop on the left. There's a collectible hiding out on top of a container on the right of the mech.
  • COG Tags: Oscar Diaz - Once the player is forced out of the village, they'll find themselves ina dark garage. In the left corner of the room - just behind the computer in front of the red cabinet - there's a set of tags on the right of said cabinet.

Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 2: Into the Wild Collectible Locations

  • Grindlift Maintenance Notes - Once the player finds some train tracks, they can follow them through a cavern to the south. At the end of the tunnel is a blue COG train car with the logo spray-painted on the side. There's a Gears 5 collectible located inside.
  • Faded Photograph - Upon leaving the tunnel, follow another set of tracks to find a train car that has crashed into some rocks. Entering the train will reveal a dead body and a photograph beside it.
  • Lena's Journal - On the way to the New Hope objective, there's a small campsite with some green tents that appears abandoned. There's a journal beside a kettle next to the firepit.
  • Islander's Lost Earring - There a larger COG gate to the east of the one players need to open during this chapter. Go towards it and find the destroyed vehicle nearby. Next to the wreck is a dead body with a Gears 5 collectible beside it.

Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 3: Forest For The Trees Collectible Locations

  • Intercepted Letter - Once inside the New Hope facility, there's a locked gate on the right side of the room that has a desk beside it and a letter to collect.
  • Sovereign Directive 10345 - After falling into the facility cells, leave and enter the hallway. Turn right and find a locked door for Jack to open, with the directive sitting on top of a desk found within the room.
  • Patient Analysis AX-331-2 - Once collecting Sovereign Directive, leave and move into the lab on the right after exiting. On the left of this room there's another collectible next to the gory surgery bed.
  • Patient Analysis EV-184-9 - Once players enter the extremely creepy kids room and have to vault through the window there, head left until finding a workstation. There's a file on the right of the PC.
  • Patient Analysis RK-619-4 - Besides having a shout-out to WWE superstar Rey Mysterio in the number configuration, this collectible is essentially the same as the last two - a file that is in a room that's the first right on the hallway after the stasis tank event. Players will know they're in the right spot when they come across a dead Sire that has clearly been operated on - the collectible is located on the table to the left of it.
  • Timeworn Data Drive - In the server room, there's a data drive on a shelf on teh right side of the room.

Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 4: The Source Of It All Collectible Locations

  • Security Memorandum - Inside the large orange building next to the eastern communications tower entrance. This is located next to a frozen corpse.
  • Krav's Locust Tag - South of the northern communication tower is an Old Derrick Site. Prior to entering, go left of the entrance to find a skeleton with tags next to it.
  • Grindlift Actuator Component - Within the Old Derrick Site is a destroyed vehicle. On top of this vehicle there's a Gears 5 collectible hiding behind the yellow panel.
  • Lena's Scribbles - On the door of the northern tower substation, which is on the right side of the path on the way to the northern communication tower proper.
  • Orders From Ketor Skorge - Located within a second Old Derrick Site, this one near a giant ice sheet. There's a yellow flag that signals where the entrance is. Upon entering, hold to the right side of the path and find a skeleton trapped underneath some mechanical debris to find the orders.
  • Grindlift Radiator Component - While still inside the second Old Derrick Site, find the large vehicle at the very back and interact with the yellow panel. This will trigger a fight. Once the fight is over, head back to the panel and pick up the Gears 5 collectible.
  • Letter to Momma - While traversing the map on the way to the Abandoned Mine (located south on the map), players will come across an ice bridge. Instead of crossing, move past the bridge towards a vehicle that has a collectible next to it on a wooden crate.
  • Frayed-Pouncer-Tooth Necklace - Once players get to the Abandoned Mine and kill the Swarm that attacks them, go up the lift and batter down the green door. Climbing up the wooden tower in front of the player after doing so rewards them with the necklace, which will be on the ground.
  • Nethercutt Mining Poster - Once inside the Abandoned Mine and successfully lifting up the metal door, immediately head right. There's a poster on the wall on the right side of the doorway.
  • Nethercutt Miner's Journal - Once players come across the pod section of the mine, walk left towards the paper lanterns. The next Gears 5 collectible is located within the building there on top of a wooden table.

Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 5: Dirtier Little Secrets Collectible Locations

  • Nethercutt Helmet - Walk down the path opposite a huge door guarded by turrets. There's a large room filled to the brim with corpses, with the helmet collectible dead center.
  • Subject Analysis: UL-119-2 - After the turrets are shut down within the facility, walk past the frozen COG soldiers and up the ramp ahead of them. Kick down the door and acquire the file inside the room on the desk.
  • Subject Analysis: TE-872-3 - In the room with the yellow stasis tank, after the major, spoiler-filled cutscene, the cutscene is directly in front of the player on the floor.
  • Lexigram Board - After using Stim to run past a frozen room to deactivate a problematic generator, take a second to pause - there's a skeleton holding the board directly beside it.
  • Subject Analysis: EV-194-9 - Once the facility is unfrozen, turn around and walk to the orange-lit desks. The folder is located there.
  • Sketchbook - Leave the hand-scanner room through the door that's spot-lit by two white floodlights. Go immediately left to find the sketchbook on the floor.
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Gears 5 Act 3 - Chapter 1: Fighting Chance Collectible Locations

  • Corisku Newspaper - Inside the abandoned airport, on the bar counter right when the chapter begins.
  • Doomed Empire, Chapter 9 - After heading downstairs, go straight and to the left towards Baird. Turn right from where Baird is, walk forward, then turn right again after passing by some luggage to find the Gears 5 collectible.
  • Missive to Agent 9 - In the northern corner of the airport building on the first floor, go past a row of computer desks into the office and collect the item on the far wall, placed on a desk.
  • Nomad's Creed - Behind Paduk, there's a small area off to the left of the two helicopters on the map. On one of the tables next to a desert tent, the collectible is there under a knife pinned to the table.
  • The Astounding Lightning Rangers! - In front of the large ship, inside Hangar 4, there's a helicopter inside. On a small rack to the left, there's a collectible to be picked up.

Gears 5 Act 3 - Chapter 2: Rocket Plan Collectible Locations

  • Hammer of Dawn Command Case - Upon entering the first control room, there's a skeleton before the first door. Loot it for this collectible.
  • OZP-11 Termination Directive - In the next area, don't go onto the orange platform; instead, go to the right hand side and underneath where the team is standing on the platform. It's sitting on a barrel.
  • UIR Space Mission Brief - After clearing a series of hallways through the storyline's progression in this area and clearing a huge swath of enemies, instead of proceeding left as the game indicates, there's a back room to the right that has another Gears 5 collectible on a desk.
  • Loyalist Order From Major Toly - As soon as players go through a door after progressing through the previous room, vault over the sandbags in the right corner to obtain the paper on the crate.
  • UIR Tag: Major Toly - After progressing through more hallways, in the room with the red sand across most of the floor and a giant tank in the middle of that sand, there's a corpse with the tags on it.
  • The Major's Speech - After reaching the long and narrow stairway proceeding down into a dimly lit room to continue the mission, the Major's Speech is located on a console to the left side of the room.
  • UIR Tag: Lieutenant Melich - At the Turntable Station, the mission will drive players forward into a room at the very end of the area. In this room, the tag will be sitting in the corner at the far end of where you enter.

Gears 5 Act 3 - Chapter 3: Some Assembly Required

  • Nomad's Sketchbook - In the Harbor Docks Waterpump Station, clear all enemies and open the door at the very end. The Nomad's Sketchbook will be sitting in the room where there's a person to talk to.
  • UIR LC Circuit A1 - During the City Ruins side mission, players will need Jack to laser cut through a door near the end of the mission. Take a right hand turn and go up some stairs, and the collectible is at a desk.
  • Well-Worn Vasgari Flag - From the last collectible location, head back to the skiff. Turn behind Kait on the way back and grab a huge flag attached to a ruined wall.
  • UIR Tag: Fallen Loyalist - Located right outside of the Rocket Hangar. There's a dead UIR up to the right of the gate.
  • Loyalist Orders to Lieutenant Melich - South of the Harbor Docks, there are some wrecked tanks. Near one of them there is a collectible tucked underneath the back of a tank.
  • UIR LC Circuit C1 - At the Artillery Battery, southeast of the bridge from Chapter 2, there's a side mission to clear out many enemies. This circuit is sitting on the table at the end of the mission in a room that overlooks the desert.
  • Emergency Loyalist Radiogram - Directly beside the previous collectible, to the left of it.
  • RNV Borascu Captain's Log - At the Cargo Shipwreck scavenger mission, enter the mission, kill all the enemies and then hug the right-hand side and progress through. There's an open shipment container with a corpse and the captain's log.
  • UIR LC Circuit B1 - Located at the far end of the entrance of the Cargo Shipwreck, next to one of the nomad corpses.
  • Lightmass Missile Fragment - At the Cosmonaut Training Facility. Before entering the building, duck to the right hand side and find the collectible sitting on the ground.
  • UIR Tag: Captain Tagger - Once in the room with a giant centrifuge that breaks, enter the new area. The main objective wants players to interact with something on the right on the ground - veer slightly left and interact with a tag that's on the ground near that objective first.
  • Fallen Nomad's Visor - When the main mission asks players to interact with the Nomad Convoy, turn to the right immediately upon entering the narrow wreckage-strewn area and then look for the visor next to a scrapped tank.

Gears 5 Act 4 - Chapter 1: Homefront

  • Encyclopedia of Tyran Military History - At the bottom of the stairs immediately following a room with a piano in it, there is an Encyclopedia Gears 5 collectible located in the right corner of the room. This path is necessary to progress the story so is impossible to miss - just keep an eye out for the piano as a signifier that the collectible is coming up soon.
  • Ruptured Gear Helmet - In the outdoor area, with the main objective on the left, go right instead and scale up towards a cliff-face that has a helmet laying just near the edge.
  • COG Tags: Minh Young Kim - Instead of going through the door of the tomb that is also in the outdoor area, keep to the right. There's an ambulance there to indicate players are heading in the right direction. Just in front of the last car in the row, which has a slab of rock on top of its hood, there are COG tags to collect.
  • Restoration Notice: Tomb of the Unknowns - On the right hand side of the door to the tomb before entering, pinned on the wall.

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