Gate Season 3 Updates: Is The Show Coming Back?

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The first two seasons made for an entertaining mix of fantasy and action but is anime series Gate season 3 going to happen? Gate is based on the novel series by author Takumi Yanai, which details a portal that suddenly opens in modern-day Japan. Soldiers and monsters pour through this mysterious gateway and proceed to attack innocent civilians until the army is pushed back through the gate by the Japan Self-Defense Forces. The JSDF then travel through to set up talks with the civilization on the other side.

The other world is populated with magical creatures like dragons, and while the JSDF work to build a relationship with the people they find there, other nations begin to grow wary of Japan's access to this so-called Special Region. Gate made good use of its premise of having modern-day soldiers battling fantasy creatures, though some reviews found the politics a little questionable. That said, the anime received good reviews overall and its use of a 30-something protagonist, as opposed to an inexperienced teenager, was well-received.

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The first season of Gate was split in two, with the first block of 12 episodes airing in 2015 and the second block coming in 2016. The second block is commonly referred to as season 2, however, but fans are curious to know if a Gate season 3 is in the cards.

Gate Season 3 Hasn't Been Confirmed

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Gate season 3 has yet to be officially announced by A-1 Pictures (Persona 5: The Animation - The Day Breakers). Unfortunately, it's common for even a successful anime series to take a long break between seasons, with A-1's own Blue Exorcist taking a six-year break between season 1 and 2. In the case of the latter series, the studio waited for the manga to build up enough material to adapt, but in the case of Gate, there should be enough to work with.

Gate Season 3 Release Date

Since A-1 Pictures have yet to confirm Gate season 3, a potential release date is hard to say. If another series is in production, it's looking increasingly unlikely it will be ready in 2019. A-1 Pictures are also busy with other projects such as the popular Sword Art Online franchise, so another season of Gate may take time to come together.

Gate Season 3 Could Feature Xenomorphs - But Almost Certainly Won't

Gate was originally a self-published web novel series until it was picked up by a publisher. The anime series covered roughly the first half of the novel series, but a third season is more likely to adapt the Gate: Weigh Anchor novels, which focus on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces instead of the JSDF. These novels are set four years after the gate was closed, but when it reopens Japan send in the JMSDF to explore the other side.

One interesting detail about the novel series is that a portal is accidentally opened in a later volume that leads to the Xenomorph homeworld, with the creatures soon infesting the Special Region. It's doubtful A-1 Pictures would be able to secure a deal to actually use elements from the Alien franchise for Gate season 3 - unless new IP owners Disney are feeling adventurous - so this element will almost certainly be reworked.

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