What Garfield Would Look Like As A Pokemon (Including Evolutions)

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Even though everyone's favorite Monday-hating, lasagna-loving Garfield is your typical house cat, some images have been uncovered showing what he might look like as a Pokémon. And, yes, evolutions were also included.

Created by Jim Davis, the very first Garfield comic was published in 1978. With a simple premise that follows the titular orange and black cat, as well as his human owner Jon Arbuckle and canine housemate Odie, in their home in Muncie, Indiana, Garfield is one of the most widely syndicated comic strips of all time. That said, where other animated animal characters like Scooby-Doo and Bugs Bunny are typically active and outgoing, Garfield is the exception. He's lazy, cynical, and considers eating to be one of his most cherished pastimes. Over the years, there have been television, movie, and even video game adaptations of the character; and now, the Garfield character has been implemented into yet another medium: the world of Pokémon.

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Over the last few years, artist Shawn Bowers has revealed his unique take on what Garfield might look like as various Pokémon, and the visuals are appropriately awkward. Despite the fact that Garfield isn't necessarily the sort of character that would find himself taking part in competitive Pokémon battles, let alone getting up from the couch in the first place, that's not to say that his depiction as a Pokémon doesn't suit him.

The inspiration for these Pokémon/Garfield hybrid designs stem from Slowbro, Mewtwo, Gengar, and Gyarados specifically, with subtle Garfield details that reflect the character's unique traits. For example, whereas Slowbro has a Shellder attached to its tail, the Slowbro version of Garfield has the severed head of Jon attached to its tail. Even the "Gyarados Garfield" looks significantly more emotionally detached than the original Pokémon's appearance. Bowers has a whole host of designs similar to these on his Instagram, with Garfield reimagined to look like classic Pokémon and newer characters.

Reimagining popular characters as Pocket Monsters in the Pokémon universe isn't unique to Garfield. Various artists all over the internet have created their own hybrid illustrations, not only transforming characters into the Pokémon themselves, but depicting them as Pokémon trainers. In fact, some artists have even gone the opposite route, reimagining Pokémon creatures as humans; and as a result, they end up looking more like superheroes than run-of-the-mill civilians (though Growlithe and Omanyte look especially trendy).

Even though Pokémon debuted all the way back in 1995 from creator Satoshi Tajiri, its popularity is still going strong. In fact, Nintendo recently revealed that three brand new Pokémon games will be released soon on the Nintendo Switch, though details on the upcoming core Pokémon game has yet to be revealed.

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Source: Shawn Bowers/Instagram

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