Garfield movie: Bad call, Ripley.

Just a quick note following the viewing of the latest commercial for what looks to be a hideously bad movie....

If there was only ONE thing I was allowed to point out that looked like an idiotic idea on some studio exec's part it's this:

Odie is not CGI.

Odie and Garfield are Yin and Yang in the comic strip. Two sides of the same coin. They should be portrayed on the screen equivalent to each other. It is completely jarring to see the CGI Garfield in a scene with the dog. I say "the dog" because that is not Odie.

Odie is a very unique looking dog in cartoon land and I'm quite sure he is not a Jack Russell Terrier. Either CGI Garfield + CGI Odie or "Morris the cat" + "actor dog". Mix and match doesn't work here.

Just plain stupid.

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