The Raid Director Developing Gangs of London TV Series

The Raid director Gareth Evans is developing a new series for Cinemax called Gangs Of London, where rival gangs clash in a bloody power struggle.

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The Raid director Gareth Evans is putting together a new TV series called Gangs Of London. Evans burst onto the scene in 2011 with his Indonesian action film The Raid, where a S.W.A.T team had to fight their way to the top of a high rise infested with killers. The film’s blistering fight sequences made it an instant classic among action fans, and Evans quickly moved on to a sequel.

The Raid 2 greatly expanded the scope of the original and involved a cop going undercover in the criminal underworld. The film still had plenty of jaw-dropping action, but the characters and story were fleshed out in major ways. While a third film is still planned, Evans put the franchise on hold while he works on other projects.

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In addition to his film work, a Deadline report confirms Evans will be moving to television with the big-budget drama Gangs Of London. The Cinemax produced series is currently aiming to air in 2019 and is set in a version of London being destroyed by gang warfare. When a major gang leader is murdered, a bloody power struggle soon erupts to fill the power vacuum left behind.

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In addition to Gangs Of London, Evans is currently working on a Netflix movie called Apostle. The film is described as a period revenge thriller that takes place on a remote island, where a man has to rescue his sister from the clutches of a strange cult. The film stars Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen and is set to be a radical departure from the action-infused Raid movies.

Evans'name has also come up in connection with a solo Deathstroke movie, with the director said to be a major fan of the character. Deathstroke was first announced as the main villain of the solo Batman movie when Ben Affleck was attached as writer/director, with actor Joe Manganiello being cast as the villain. Plans for the character have been influx since Affleck stepped aside from directing The Batman and Matt Reeves took over, but Justice League hinted at the character’s place in future movies.

However, those plans may once again be in doubt thanks to the mixed reception to Justice League. The film is currently projected to be a financial loss for Warner Bros., which could mean a radical change in direction for future DC movies. There’s currently no word on the status of Evans’ planned Deathstroke movie, but while DC figure out the next step Evans will at least be hard at work on Gangs Of London.

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Source: Deadline

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