Game Of Thrones: Yara's 10 Best Quotes

Yara Greyjoy is one of the toughest characters on Game of Thrones. She is a fearsome fighter, an accomplished sea captain and never backs away from a fight -- yet she has managed to survive this long in a very violent world. That life of pillaging and fighting has left her strong-willed and quite blunt in what she says. This attitude means she is also one of the more quotable characters on the show.

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Unlike some of the other characters on the show that can be sometimes written as one-note, Yara has managed to stay complex throughout the show's run. She can be funny, touching, inspiring and, of course, a total badass. to showcase the best aspects of her character, here are some of Yara Greyjoy's most memorable quotes from Game of Thrones.

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I don't imagine it will be a story fit for children.

Yara certainly had one of the most memorable introductions in the show in Season 2 -- and one of the most cringe-worthy. When Theon returns to the Iron Islands after years, he gets a ride to his father's castle from a friendly local girl. Theon being Theon, he gets handsy with the girl and she fails to inform him that she is, in fact, his sister who he hasn't seen in years.

Incest seems commonplace in Game of Thrones, but it never gets any less disturbing. It certainly is a messed up mind-game on Yara's part and she's quite right that it's not a story to share with the rest of the family for many reasons.

9 Burn!

Balon Greyjoy Yara Greyjoy Game of Thrones

Theon: You're a woman

Yara: You're the one in skirts

As soon as Theon returns, Yara does not give him any slack at all. In her mind, she has been working her whole life to be respected and considered Balon Greyjoy's heir-apparent. Now some boy who has barely lived on the Iron Islands is going to try to take that from her and she's not having it.

As much as Theon tries to insult her or get the last word in, Yara is always ready with a stinging comeback. This kind of animosity between them only helps them grow closer later on, but she certainly is a brutal big sister for a while.

8 The Weaker Sex

Yara Greyjoy Game of Thrones Gay

Anything with a c*ck is easy to fool.

One of the ongoing themes of the show is that, in this world where women are often treated brutally, a number of strong females have fought their way into positions of power. One of the first instances of this we see on the show is with Yara.

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When we meet her, it's instantly apparent that she is a strong and capable leader, but she is also treated as such by the Ironborn. She has worked hard and is not going to listen to anyone who tries to tell her she's not as qualified because she's a woman. As she sees it, men have more vulnerabilities anyway.

7 Catchy Name

The Sea B*tch. We thought it'd be perfect for you.

The respect Yara has in the Iron Islands certainly does not extend to Theon. Living on the mainland with the Starks for most of his life, Theon seems like an outsider to the people who are supposed to be his subjects. Yara seems to take great pleasure in the fact that Theon isn't going to be given the same love that she receives.

While Yara gets thirty ships to invade the North, Theon is stuck with one that has a rather unfortunate name. We like to think Yara named the ship especially for Theon just to rub it in a little more.

6 New Priorities

F*ck justice then, we'll get revenge.

The relationship between Theon and Yara has had its ups and down over the years. While she proves she really does love him by attempting to rescue him from Ramsay Bolton, she is appalled when he won't escape with her. However, Yara eventually comes to terms with Theon's trauma and works to get him past it once and for all.

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Theon is a broken man by this point, not just for what Ramsay did to him but from the guilt of what he's done. For him, justice would mean his death but Yara is ready to give him something to fight for.

5 Fair Fight

Game of Thrones Theon

Which one gave you the tougher fight, the cripple or the 6-year-old?

Taking over Winterfell was a real turning point for Theon. He chose to be an Ironnborn by attacking the home he's known all his life. In order to do this, he does some terrible things, including killing two innocent children, burning their bodies to pass off as Bran and Rickon.

The act of cruelty does not impress Yara one bit. Her chastising of Theon continues to show their difficult relationship but also the fact that she might have more of a moral compass than the other Ironborn.

4 A Sister's Promise

I'm going to find my little brother and I'm going to bring him home.

One of the best things about the relationship between Theon and Yara is how she slowly came to recognize that he is the only family she really cares about. Their father, Balon, is certainly not a loving man and despite their years apart, Theon is still family and Yara knows she must fight for him.

In this moment, Yara is willing to put aside her loyalty to her father, the Ironborn cause and anything else she needs to in order to save her brother. This starts their ongoing relationship where Yara is the one constant in Theon's life that he can depend on to help him.

3 Ironborn

Yara Theon Greyjoy Game of Thrones Season 6

Don't die so far from the sea.

Even when Theon is holding Winterfell, we begin to see those subtle hints that Yara's hard exterior can break way to show a softer, more caring side. She is careful to wait until they are alone to let Theon know how she feels. After all these years, he is still that little crying baby who looked up at her who she feels she needs to protect.

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Her final words to Theon before she leaves him to his fate are heartbreaking. No one has ever told Theon that he belongs somewhere but in that moment, Yara lets him know there is still Ironborn in him.

2 Smooth Talker

Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys alliance in Game of Thrones

I never demand but I'm up for anything really.

Like many of the Ironborn, Yara is very blunt in her ways. But unlike the other Ironborn, she has quite a bit of charm as well. So when it comes to meeting with Daenerys Targaryen and forming an alliance, Yara is honest, diplomatic and just a bit sexy.

Yara, for all her seriousness, knows how to have a good time. Seeing the beautiful dragon queen before her, that wild side comes out just a bit. While Euron Greyjoy comes looking to win Daenerys as his bride, Yara needs no such union. But she also is sure to not take anything off the table.

1 Pep Talk

What is dead may never die… But kill the bastards anyway.

Time will tell what the rest of the season (and series) has in store for Yara Greyjoy. She might be one of the lucky ones that makes it out alive, or she could meet a bloody end in the battles to come. It could also be that, now that she's taken back the Iron Islands, we never see her again. If that is the case, she went out with a great line.

As she says goodbye to Theon for the last time as he prepares to join the Battle of Winterfell, Yara gives this alternate version of the classic Greyjoy words. Very fitting for the enemy Theon is about to face and appropriately badass for one of the toughest characters around.

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