The White Walkers Get A New Army In Game of Thrones Set Photos

Wights in Game of Thrones

Things are heating up and cooling down in equal measure as Game of Thrones unveils the Night King's new army in some new set pictures.

Season 8 will bring to a close the ice and fire epic that started back in 2011 and is based on George R.R. Martin's popular book series. However, with only six episodes left, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have a lot to pack in to wrap up all the loose ends in Game of Thrones. With such little time left in Westeros, the ongoing battle between the living and the dead is expected to play a major factor, but it now looks like the White Walkers have some new members in their ranks.

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Posted by Watchers on the Wall, fans will spot that the Night King's army has learned some new skills since breaking through the Wall at the end of season 7. A new set at Magheramorne is currently a hive of activity, having erected a giant green screen and featuring extras in green screen suits. The suits are commonly used to add the CGI that makes the actors into wights, suggesting that this is for upcoming scenes with the undead army. Interestingly though, these wights have the added addition of being on horseback. Previously, only the leading White Walkers have been seen on horses, while the wights have been forced to walk. However, this also teases another big revelation too.

The site reports that the clothing and saddles used for the horseback scene indicated that these extras are supposed to be Dothraki, which would mean brand new Dothraki wights for season 7. There have been various reports of a huge battle at Winterfell - where Daenerys Targaryen will conveniently set up camp with her Dothraki horde - and there are expected to be some major losses. Back in season 5's acclaimed 'Hardhome,' the Night King saw his ranks swell as the army took over the Wildling settlement and slowly advanced to the Northern territories. If Team Dany is hit by a big attack of White Walkers and wights, those who fall are sure to reanimate to join the side of the dead and continue on into Westeros.

As shown only last year in 'The Spoils of War,' some of the show's biggest and best scenes come through the use of the Dothraki stunt actors, so you can only imagine what kind of carnage could come in season 8 is these skilled riders become wights. Even if these latest wights aren't Daenerys' loyal riders, the Night King is still getting some mounted cavalry for the final run of episodes. It is fevered speculation until the show returns next year, but Game of Thrones season 8 aims to fulfill its promise to have one of the best TV finales of all time.

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Source: Watchers on the Wall

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