10 Cities Outside Of Westeros That Were Mentioned But Not Seen In The Show

The world of Game of Thrones extends far past Westeros - even if these lands were only mentioned, not shown.

One of the finest aspects from the Game of Thrones universe that captivated the minds of viewers was its enormous attention to detail. Every time a new city was visited in Westeros or abroad, audience members would be subject to a new style of building architecture, different climates, unique styles of clothing and even new languages formulated by the crew behind the show, for example, Dothraki and High Valyrian.

While viewers were treated to an array of breathtaking landscapes and bustling urban environments, there are still a number of mystical locations on the continents of Essos and Sothoryos that are yet to be discovered. Let's take a look at some of the cities that were mentioned on Game of Thrones that many fans will hope to finally see in one of its upcoming spin-offs.

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10 Qohor

Qohor in Game Of Thrones

One of the free cities of Essos, Qohor is situated between Pentos on the western coast and the Dothraki-held grasslands. Viewers first encounter a Qohorik when introduced to blacksmith and armorer Tobho Mott, the mentor of Gendry Baratheon who Ned Stark visits in order to learn more about Robert's bastard children.

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While Tobho is renowned throughout Westeros for his craft, he is certainly not the only one of his kind, as Qohor is famed for producing excellent blacksmiths who possess the knowledge to forge Valyrian steel.

9 Tyrosh

Reminiscing on war stories, Ser Barristan Selmy recalled how the first man he killed in battle was a Tyroshi soldier. Coincidentally, Daario Naharis, leader of the Second Sons who is sworn to Daenerys, is also Tyroshi.

This city is located on one of the Stepstones (small islands) located between the mainland of Essos and Westeros. Its proximity to the Disputed Lands and the ongoing conflict between Lys and Myr works well in its favor economically, as mercenaries are constantly being hired from this city to fight in the war. In addition to mercenaries, this city specializes in producing pear brandy.

8 Lorath

Located on an island off the northern coastline of Essos, Lorath is the least known of the Free Cities and very little is known about the city's culture, people, and trade. This is perhaps due to Lorath being the least powerful of the Free Cities, as well as being overshadowed by the mighty Braavos which is located extremely close by.

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The only prominent character in the series hailing from Lorath was prostitute and Tyrion's former lover Shae. Cersei discovered this fact due to picking up on her accent, which was the same as her handmaiden's who was also Lorathi.

7 Myr

Another one of the Free Cities, this coastal city overlooks the Sea of Myrth and makes the most of its prime location by means of a bustling economy based on trade. While Ser Jorah Mormont remarked that each of the Free Cities are known for what they make, Myr is known for its commodities, particularly Myrish lace.

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While its history is murky, Myr is known to have been a colony of the Valyrian freehold, after which its brief independence was halted after being conquered by Volantis. Eventually, Myr regained its independence which has lasted to this day.

6 Lys

Stretching across several islands off the northwestern coast of mainland Essos, Lys is renowned for its pleasure houses and producing the best-trained prostitutes in the known world. Lys is a long time rival of the city of Myr, due to both cities' attempts to lay claim to the disputed territories.

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Lord Varys was born in Lys as a slave, and traveled with a troupe of actors to the different Free Cities during his youth. Other characters hailing from Lys include notorious pirate Salladhor Saan and Doreah, a former bedslave-turned-handmaiden to Daenerys.

5 Basilisk Isles

After an attempt on Daenerys' life due to an order by King Robert Baratheon, Jorah Mormont explained to her that no matter where she runs, Robert will still continue his hunt, even if she went as far as Asshai or the Basilisk Isles. A large island chain off the northern coast of the little-known continent of Sothoryos, the Basilisk Isles are far from the action in the Seven Kingdoms.

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These islands are notoriously used for pirate dens, where captives are kept after raids performed on the Sothoryos mainland. There are also a number of settlements such as Port Plunder that are used for hiring new crew members staying in the taverns and inns.

4 Summer Islands

Located in the Summer Sea, this island is home to the Summer Islanders who are culturally distinct from the people of Westeros and Essos. Summer Islanders typically wear colorful clothes consisting of tropical bird feathers.

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Due to the nature of their home, as well as the fact that their land is rich with natural resources, Summer Islanders take part in international shipping extensively, and also possess a large merchant fleet. Grey Worm and Salladhor Saan both originate from these islands.

3 Asshai

A city shrouded in mystery, Asshai lies on the far southeast of Essos, with only the Shadow Lands lying beyond the end of the city. The city has a major seaport, and its citizens are globally regarded as being exotic. The Asshai'i language is rarely heard in other areas, even in Western Essos, and is rumored to be used in powerful spells.

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This use of the language comes as no surprise, however, as the Asshai'i people are known to practice magic. In accordance with Asshai's reputation for worshipping the Lord of Light, the Red Priestess Melisandre is known to come from this city. The shadowbinder, Quaith, who Jorah met in Quarth is also Asshai'i.

2 Yi Ti

Located on the easternmost border of Essos, the Golden Empire of Yi Ti is one of the longest standing and richest civilizations in the known world. Its buildings are known to be grander than anything out of Westeros whereas its princes live in houses of solid gold and eat meat powdered with pearls and jade.

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This refined civilization was already considered ancient before the Valyrians assumed a position of power, and it has retained its wealth for more than 6000 years.

1 Naath

The birthplace of Missandei, Naath is described as being an aesthetically beautiful island with tall palm trees, a tropical climate, and many butterflies. In conversation with Grey Worm, Missandei recalled how white the beaches were and how tall the trees looked as she was being taken away after being captured by slavers.

Dubbed "the Peaceful People", the population of Naath abstain from war and fighting due to worshipping a deity called the "Lord of Harmony". Their religious beliefs mean that they oppose harming any living thing, resulting in the islanders being vegetarian.

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