Watch: Game Of Thrones Showrunners Call Jason Momoa To Tell Him Drogo Is Dead

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss deliver the bad news to Jason Momoa that Khal Drogo has been killed off in a hilarious bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Ever since the shocking demise of Ned Stark in season 1, Game of Thrones fans have gotten used to the fact that any character can die at any time, even good guys who have become fan favorites.

Over the years, Game of Thrones has killed off many more popular characters like Catelyn and Robb Stark - both of whom met their end at the infamous Red Wedding - and even killed Jon Snow as part of a cliffhanger that was ultimately resolved by Snow's resurrection courtesy of Melisandre. Of course, the show has also killed off many characters that fans were happy to see die, including the obnoxious Joffrey and the brutally sadistic Ramsay Bolton. So common has death become on the show that showrunners Benioff and Weiss have actually developed a procedure for informing actors that their time on the series is coming to an end.

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During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live - which has featured plenty of Thrones-related shenanigans latelyBenioff and Weiss happily offered a demonstration of one of their "Death Calls," their approach to notifying actors of their characters' exits. In the bit, Weiss called up former Game of Thrones star Momoa, who of course played Khal Drogo in season 1, to inform him that he would no longer be on the show. Momoa, who needless to say has gone on to bigger and better things since leaving Game of Thrones, was quick to come back with an answer for Weiss. See the clip below (the bit begins about around 7:14):

Of course, it's no surprise to Momoa that he's no longer on Game of Thrones, as his character did die way back in season 1 (though he did come back later in a flashback and for a wacky SNL bit). After Weiss is done delivering the non-shocking news to Momoa, the actor has the perfect comeback. "It's over, you're dead on the show," Weiss announces, to which Momoa replies, "I know. I'm Aquaman now." Given that his Aquaman has grossed over $1 billion worldwide, it's unlikely that Momoa feels very bad about exiting Game of Thrones when he did. As for Khal Drogo's tribe of fearsome Dothraki warriors, they also all met their deaths during last week's episode "The Long Night" when, armed with flaming swords courtesy of Melisandre, they charged head-on into the White Walkers and their Army of the Dead only to be mercilessly slaughtered.

With three episodes left before Game of Thrones ends forever, it's a fair bet that at least a few more shocking character deaths are on the way. Of course, Thrones has often been accused of using death as little more than a plot gimmick, but others will argue the "anyone can die" approach is simply the show being true to the dangerousness and unpredictability of its fantasy world.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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