HBO's Games Of Thrones Valentine's Cards Are Surprisingly Romantic

HBO's Game Of Thrones Valentine's Day cards feature some truly horrible puns - but they're weirdly romantic too. Games Of Thrones is based off the epic saga by author George R. R. Martin and the show first debuted in 2011. The HBO fantasy series appeared to be in major trouble following its original pilot, which was labeled a boring disaster. The Game Of Thrones pilot was almost entirely reshot following early feedback, which helped make both the story and character relationships much clearer.

The first season of Game Of Thrones became must-see television thanks to its great characters and shocking plot twists. The series quickly evolved into a worldwide phenomenon in later seasons, with the scope growing larger every year. Game Of Thrones came to an end in 2019 with season 8, which proved to be very divisive among the fanbase. For many, the final six episodes felt much too rushed and the payoff to certain storylines proved unsatisfying after years of build-up. That said, other fans liked how season 8 wrapped up the show, and just like the controversial finale of Lost, it feels like this debate will rage on for years to come.

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Given Game Of Thrones' large cast of characters, it's little wonder it burned through a lot of romantic subplots. Famous romances include Robb and Talisa Stark, Jon Snow and Ygritte, and Jaime Lannister and Brienne Of Tarth. One thing they all have in common is that they came to a tragic end, particularly in the case of Robb and Talisa. Viewers became invested in these relationships regardless, which is why in 2017 HBO created a series of Game Of Thrones Valentine's Cards.

These rather cheesy cards were created around items available for sale in HBO's online shop, such as cups and figures. These Game Of Thrones Valentine's Cards are also afflicted with some horrific puns, including Oberyn Martell declaring "I've got my eyes on you" - a nod to his legendary battle with the Mountain which didn't end well for either man. While these cards were obviously created to sell some HBO merch, there's a cheesy sweetness to them too.

If nothing else, giving a Game Of Thrones Valentine's Day card to a special someone with the Night King stating "You melt my icy heart" should raise a smile. Again, Game Of Thrones isn't a show where a lot of romances work out, but for fans of the series, these cards are a fun novelty.

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