Game of Thrones: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before It Ends

Game of Thrones fans have been waiting over two years for the release of the series eighth and final season. Considering George R. Martin hasn’t even completed the book series, no one has any clue which character will sit upon the Iron Throne (and which characters won’t make it until the end). Needless to say, fans have been anxiously waiting for the HBO show to return for its grand finale. And now that April is almost upon us, fans won’t have to wait much longer.

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What’s keeping fans so enthralled in the show are all of the loose ends that will have to be tied up before GOT ends. There are dozens of prophecies and things that have been foreshadowed that have yet to come to light. Likewise, fans are waiting for beloved characters to be reunited after seasons apart and for others to have their moment in the spotlight. Whether fans are rooting for the Stark kids, the Lannisters, or another house to take the throne, if one thing is for sure, it’s that no one has been able to predict the ending to this fan-favorite series. Hey, who knows, maybe the White Walkers will win given how many twists and turns GOT is known for.

Keep reading to discover what things definitely need to happen before the show can conclude, or else we don’t know how the fans will react!

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10 Jon Needs To Discover Who He Is

It feels like fans have known forever the real identity of Jon Snow- and he sure isn’t Ned Stark’s son like we all thought. Season 7 finally confirmed that Lyanna Stark was never taken by Rhaegar Targaryen. Rather, the two were in love and ran away together when she discovered she was pregnant with Jon, meaning he has both Stark and Rhaegar blood in him.

Many fans think he’ll realize the truth in the first few episodes of Season 8. We’re most curious to know what he thinks when he realizes his new love interest (and potential baby mama) is technically his aunt.

9 We Need An Answer To The Valonqar Prophecy

Fans have long been wondering which of the Lannister brothers would fulfill Maggy the Frog’s prophecy and be the end of Cersei. For seasons, fans believed the prophecy was clearly referring to Tyrion, since he always had reason to dislike his sister.

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But now that Cersei has gone completely off the rails, it’s clear that Jamie is beginning to doubt her. And since he was the twin who was born last, Jamie could definitely be the Valonqar that Maggy predicted. Either way, fans are looking forward to seeing the prophecy finally come true in the final season.

8 Bran Needs To Confront Jamie

We’re still not over the Season 1 scene where Jamie pushes a young Bran Stark out of a tower window without the care in the world. We get that the kiddo saw Jamie and his twin sister getting cozy, but paralyzing Bran for life was unforgivable (and we’re lucky that it wasn’t worse). And not only that, but Jamie and the Lannisters have been harassing the Starks for years, so there’s definitely a lot of reasons Bran would want vengeance.

Now that Jamie is heading to Winterfell, it gives Bran an opportunity to finally confront the man who took so much from him and his family. Needless to say, fans can’t wait to see these two finally come face-to-face.

7 Arya Needs To Learn Gendry Is Alive

It was painful to watch how sad Arya was when Gendry wanted to join the Brotherhood Without Banners and then when he was subsequently sold to Melisandre- that girl has lost enough friends and family in her short lifetime!

Fans were hoping that when Gendry reappeared in Season 7 to join forces with Jon Snow, he and Jon would somehow stumble upon the topic of Arya. But that moment never came, which means fans are even more anxious to see Arya and Gendry reunite. The show writers better remember how badly Arya wanted him to join her family in Winterfell because the fans sure haven’t.

6 At Least One Dragon Needs To Survive

Our hearts broke when one of Dany’s three beloved dragons was turned into a white walker- er, we mean white dragon? While we’re excited to see the white walkers have their very own dragon, we’re more anxious to know if any of Dany’s other babies will survive the season. Some fans predict that all of her dragons may perish if she goes head-to-head with any of her enemies. And we all know that would absolutely break her.

On second thought, considering some fans predict Daenerys may not survive the season, perhaps we’ll see her risking her life to save one of her fire-breathing children. Either way, at least one of the dragons better survive until the finale!

5 Arya And The Hound Need To Reunite

The Hound and Arya’s relationship was complex (after all, he was trying to take her somewhere against her will). But it’s clear that The Hound does care for her. Just remember how glad he was when Brienne informed him that Arya was still very much alive and kicking.

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We’re just not sure how he feels about her leaving him in the dust after his almost-fatal fight with Brienne. But that’s just how they do things in GOT, right? Given their awesome dynamic and complicated history, fans are anxious to see this par partner up again in Season 8 so Arya can show The Hound all the moves she’s acquired.

4 Theon Needs To Be Redeemed

Theon was a pain in the butt when we first met him in Season 1. But no one deserved what he faced at the hands of Ramsay. It was encouraging last season to see him join forces with his sister and begin to live up to his potential (as well as get over the trauma of what previously happened to him).

However, it was disappointing when he abandoned ship as Yara and the crew were taken hostage by his uncle. So, fans are looking forward to seeing Theon complete his redemption arc, which we’re hoping involves freeing his sister and finally putting his uncle in his place.

3 Jamie And Brienne Need To Kick Things Up A Notch

Fans hoped for previous screen time between Jamie and Brienne, who’ve had sparks flying between the two of them for seasons (despite Jamie, unfortunately, being into his twin sister). Last season during the finale, the fan favorites only had a brief moment together when a couple of words from Brienne were able to set Jamie straight, which is much more than Cersei has ever done to him.

Fans are hoping to see Brienne and Jamie fight side-by-side on the battlefield... or maybe even more. Who knows, maybe there’s time to save Jamie’s character before the Lannister house is no more.

2 We Need To Learn Of Melisandre’s Fate

Melisandre has been wrong about a lot of things. Need evidence? Just remember what she told Stannis Baratheon to do to his own daughter in order to claim the Iron Throne, which ended up getting him nowhere except in the ground. She’s been wrong about plenty of things before, especially about the prince that was promised.

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While fans are looking forward to see if she can guess the prince’s identity, they’re even more curious to know how Melisandre’s story ends. The witch has predicted her own passing, which makes us thinks she’ll be offed before the season concludes itself. The only question is how.

1 Someone Needs To Defeat The Night King

This goes without saying, but GOT’s final season would be a bummer if the Knight King and his White Walkers ended up winning the Iron Throne. The show has been leading up to the moment where the Knight King and his troops will come face-to-face with the humans. And though he had a brief battle with Jon, Dany, and their pals last season, we’re talking about the final battle where someone is declared a winner.

It wouldn’t make much sense for the White Walkers to be victorious after everything our beloved characters have gone through in the last seven seasons. So we feel confident that the Knight King will finally meet his end, even if we have to wait for the very last episode.

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