Game Of Thrones 10 Best Starbucks/Coffee Cup Memes From Last Episode


Game of Thrones is known as one of the most amazing shows in television history and has a number of record-breaking awards under its belt.  Because the series is so praised and beloved, it makes it that much more hilarious when a tiny blooper that is so out of place in the realm of Winterfell appears on set. We get so lost in the universe of GOT that we sometimes completely forget about the fact that these characters are fictional and after the director calls cut, the night king and Arya probably exchange jokes with one another while Sansa and Daenerys share one big hug.

At the end of the day, this is a TV show with a set, a camera crew, and a bunch of brilliant actors. Nothing reminds us more of this fact than the Starbucks cup which can be seen in episode 4 of season 8.  Of course, this little blooper is bound to create a whole bunch of memes, so let's take a look at some of the best ones.

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What makes this meme so great is the fact that it is a meme within a meme. This classic old school Ned Stark "brace yourselves" meme is the perfect representation of Game of Thrones fans who desperately need a break from all of the serious tension and drama on the award-winning series.

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The GOT fandom has experienced a number of on-screen deaths with some of our most beloved characters, so in order to ease the trauma, we deserve some much-needed internet memes to make us laugh. With something as hilarious and out of place as a coffee-cup being spotted in the world of Winterfell, it's no wonder there will be a bunch of memes reacting to this blooper.


Perhaps Daenerys isn't the only one who chugs down cups of caffeine in order to help her potentially rule the seven kingdoms.

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Although we all know Tyrion's famous line, "I drink and I know things", refers to his beloved wine, perhaps he will join the Dragon Queen by enjoying an extra hot mocha latte with whip. After all, he needs to be fully alert in order to use his brains for Queen D. This is just one of many examples of how talented the Game of Thrones fans are when it comes to their artistic abilities.

Do you think "the halfman" adds chocolate shavings to his order?


It is extremely common for Starbucks customers to get their name spelled wrong on their cups. In fact, there are many online theories that suggest Starbucks butchers names on purpose. The theory states that the popular coffee shop does this in order to get customers to post the misspelled name on social media. This gives the coffee place exposure and it gets more people to crave a good ol' Starbucks brew! It makes sense that a barista wouldn't go out of their way to spell out all of Dany's name, and if she were to list her whole name, we'd hate to be standing behind her in line!


Uh oh! Looks like there's a whole lot of tension BREWING (pun definitely intended) between the "handsome couple", Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. With Jon Snow as the true heir to the iron throne and Daenerys striving to sit on that seat, it's sure to cause some trouble in paradise. Competitive relationships are never healthy, and it doesn't seem like these two are in it for the long hall because of this unfortunate scenario. It's hard for fans to take this angsty scene as seriously as we're supposed to because of that gosh darn coffee cup snatching us right out of the moment.


It's hilarious to imagine all of the Game of Thrones characters doing something as modern and mundane as ordering a grande soy latte with extra whip at Starbucks. Perhaps one of the most hilarious scenarios would be Arya Stark trying to order a cup of coffee as the barista asks her for her name. Of course, one of Arya's most famous lines is "A girl has no name", so we can imagine how confused the barista would be if this was Arya's response. Honestly, if we were to kill the Night King, we'd probably need a double shot of espresso too.


It's pretty hilarious to think that the famous Starbucks coffee cup in GOT is not the first modern-day out of place object that accidentally got left in the show. If you look closely at the picture on the left, the circled area reveals a truck amongst all of the chaos going on in the show.

These moments always leave us feeling shocked because fans are so invested in the world of Game of Thrones that we often forget these characters aren't real and that it is all part of a TV show for entertainment. Although Game of Thrones is one of the most popular and praised shows in the history of television, these little bloopers are proof that nothing is perfect, not even GOT (although it's pretty damn close).


"Out of Context" Game of Thrones Spoilers have been crowding the internet and for a good reason. That reason being, they are freaking hilarious. Even if you have seen the episode, it sometimes takes a second to fully understand everything from the meme and what it is referring to.

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Because GOT contains so many spoilers, there has been a lot of controversy with fans who become enraged when a major spoiler from the show gets revealed on social media. Even if you haven't seen the episode yet, it would be very difficult to understand this meme and it would most likely fail to spoil anything. We can't help but crack up at the Starbucks coffee cup featured in the meme!


The internet isn't the only place that's having a field day with these hilarious Starbucks Game of Thrones memes. As seen by the above image, Starbucks is also taking advantage of this coffee cup GOT craze by making their own clever jokes about the blooper! You've GOT to have them! Who wouldn't want a Nights Guard Frappuccino? It's funny to imagine what drink every character would order. Perhaps The Hound would secretly love a good ol' pumpkin spice latte?


Okay, it would be pretty great getting to witness Tormund in a local Starbucks, staring at the menu and trying desperately to figure out WTF soy milk is. The eliteness of Starbucks mixed with the barbaric nature of the free folk is a highly unlikely combination, which makes it that much more hilarious. Perhaps Tormund is more of a Dunkin Donuts guy. Maybe he'd buy a set of munchkins to share with his number one crush, Brienne.

Stuffing his face with deliciously glazed donuts might be necessary for him now that he's dealing with the heartbreak of Brienne and Jaime. We feel you, Tormund!


We all loved that brilliant scene where Brienne, Jaime, and Tyrion basically reenacted The Breakfast Club when they decided to sit around and bond over their social lives and whether or not Brienne's still a virgin. Seriously, did the ghost of John Hughes direct this episode?

This meme manages to get punny with the newfound brand "Starkbucks" making its way to the internet. Perhaps Starbucks should consider making an ad out of this meme!

What did you think of this hilarious blooper? Let us know!

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