EXCLUSIVE: Game Of Thrones Actor Has Perfect Dorne Spinoff Pitch

Game of Thrones New Prince of Dorne

Now that Game of Thrones has finished, fan speculation has turned to the next projects for HBO and George R R Martin's world - and one of the actors from the series has a perfect pitch for a Dorne spinoff. There are multiple spinoffs in the works, although there's a lot of secrecy around what they will be - all that has really been revealed is that for now, HBO is looking primarily at prequel series, rather than direct spinoffs. The first of these is due to start filming this summer, and will be going all the way back to the Age of Heroes and the "true origin of the White Walkers."

While this is sure to be a fascinating look at the early days of Westerosi history, plenty of fans are also looking for some spinoffs that are a little closer to Robert's Rebellion and the War of the Five Kings. There has been a lot of fan interest in an Arya spinoff, as she goes searching for what's West of Westeros, although HBO has shot this one down. However, the new Prince of Dorne who appeared in the finale, played by Toby Osmond, has another idea for a spinoff, one that would give Dorne a chance to shine, and bring back a surprising character (as well as his own).

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In an interview with ScreenRant, Osmond spoke about how much he loves Dorne, and that he would love to see a Dornish spinoff, especially one that could bring in other Sand Snakes and make them the true badasses they are in the books. He also referenced Ellaria Sand, and her lack of a real on-screen death... which could mean that she is still alive, and her rescue could launch a new series:

Well, I mean I love Dorne, and the Red Viper of Dorne is one of my all-time top favorite characters of the whole show... I would like to have seen more, Dorne... #DorneSpinoff, #DorneSpinoff. [laughs]

But there’s always time, there’s always time. They’re doing a few spinoffs and they’re all prequels at the moment, but fingers crossed. #DorneSpinoff. I love them, I would have liked to have seen more of Dorne in the series, especially more of the last Prince of Dorne [chuckles], fairly obviously. Also I think that the Sand Snakes... there’s only three in the TV show, and to be honest, they are hard mother-fudging assassins [in the books], but when you first see them fighting against Jaime, Bronn and the Dornish guards, they lose. And I mean, they should have won that. I think the Sand Snakes should have won that, and then when they actually get killed, on the ships, it’s like ‘are you serious’? They’re just dropping like flies, I mean… f**k the Greyjoys! Sand Snakes are awesome.

I'll tell you what else I would've liked to see - there was no definitive conclusion to Ellaria Sand. Now, we've left her at the end of season 7 in a dungeon under King's Landing, Cersei’s prisoner, watching her daughter die of poison, but we don't actually see her die. We don't see Ellaria Sand die. So let it be known. Episode 1, series one of 10 of the Dornish spinoff will be Dorne going and rescuing Ellaria Sand from below King’s Landing.

While HBO does seem focused on the prequels for now, this would certainly be a concept to make a lot of fans happy - especially as Ellaria's end was one that seemed extremely unsatisfying to many. Throughout the series, book fans have been less than pleased about the lack of Dornish representation in the show, especially as they are far more important in the series. The Martells are also a larger family, with Doran having two sons (Quentyn and Trystane) and a daughter (Arianne), and (as Osmond says) multiple Sand Snakes who didn't make it into the show. Getting to see these, and more of Dornish culture, would be fascinating, and having Ellaria rise up and join forces with the new Prince of Dorne and the previously unseen Sand Snakes to start scheming again would be a brilliant way to combine familiar faces and new characters.

Of course, Osmond was also quick to point out that although he would personally love a #DorneSpinoff, these are just his own fan theories and not anything that HBO officially has in the works, or that the network has even mentioned to him - so like so many other potential spinoff concepts, more of Dorne may never happen. Ellaria, too, can probably be presumed dead under King's Landing, killed in the collapse of the Red Keep - or (potentially worse), forgotten about after the deaths of the Lannisters, and left to starve with the ruins of the city above her. At least we can assume that with multiple prequels on the way, the Dornish will spend a little more time on screen, even if not the particular Dornishmen fans have come to know in Game of Thrones.

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