• Westeros, the setting of Game of Thrones, is divided into the Seven Kingdoms, but there's really nine of them. 1 / 9

  • The reason for the name comes from Aegon's Conquest. 2 / 9

  • Westeros was made up of seven independent states when he conquered it. 3 / 9

  • He was crowned Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, despite the fact Dorne remained independent for almost 200 years afterwards. 4 / 9

  • Aegon also split The Isles & the River, making the Iron Islands and the Riverlands. 5 / 9

  • He also made King's Landing and the surrounding areas into a province called the Crownlands, making nine kingdoms, but the name Seven Kingdoms stuck. 6 / 9

    Kings Landing in Game of Thrones Vertical
  • In the Game of Thrones finale, the North declares independence from the rest of Westeros. 7 / 9

  • This makes Bran the Lord of the Six Kingdoms, but really it's eight. 8 / 9

    Game of Thrones Bran Iron Throne Vertical
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