What if Game of Thrones Was Set in the Modern-Day?

A fan-made trailer has surfaced online that re-imagines Game of Thrones if it was set in the modern day. The series that is nearing its conclusion sees a group of different houses in Westeros all vying to sit on the Iron Throne, whilst a supernatural threat in the North looms overhead. It's been one of the most violently gripping series to debut on television, and has been met with critical acclaim across its current seven year run.

And with the finale of season seven recently airing, fans could be waiting another two years before the final conclusion of the series based on the books by George R.R. Martin. The fantasy epic includes many typical tropes of the genre, but weaves them together to create a fascinating series. And with one more season to go, fans are busy crafting theories on who will end up on the throne, and who will die before the season finale.

But a fan-made trailer from YouTube user Westeros the Series asks what would Game of Thrones look like if it was set in the 21st century. It still includes all of the fantasy elements that make the series entertaining. Wolves, White Walkers, sex and political intrigue all make an appearance during the trailer, with the overlapping narration of a Lannister Prime Minister assuring Westeros there's nothing to fear in the North. Obviously, we know that's not true, as the piercing blue eyes of a White Walker make a fleeting appearance. It also does a clever twist of the dragon's shadow we've seen on various posters - this time casting its terrifying shape over the top of a city that looks very reminiscent of London.

If Game of Thrones, House of Cards and The Hunger Games combined, then this is likely what it would look like. A 21st century vision of Westeros could be as visually spectacular as the normal fantasy version. Instead of giant crossbows facing down Dragons, tanks and fighter jets could be brought into battle. And although it would see characters like Jaime and Dany as Generals and not on the battlefield - it could still be captivating in its portrayal.

HBO is already planning spinoff series from Game of Thrones. With fans suggesting stories like Dunk & Egg or Robert's Rebellion to be brought to the screen. We'd love to see this version. But as incredible as this modern retelling of the series is, it will never be considered to be brought to the screen. Still, it certainly looks cool.

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Game of Thrones season 8 does not have a premiere date. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

Source: Westeros the Series

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