Game of Thrones Star Thinks Series Finale Will Divide the Fanbase

Sophie Turner - Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark - thinks the series finale will create a sharp divide among the hit show's loyal fanbase.

Game of Thrones' own Sansa Stark actress has a feeling that the series finale could create a divide among the show's loyal fanbase. The final season of the acclaimed series has been the epicenter of heightened curiosity, especially since filming wrapped back in July. Avid fans have been kept waiting over a year since the release of the most recent episode, and anticipation – like the threat posed by the white walkers – continues to mount.

Creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss decided their series would end after an eighth season, much to the dismay of the author of the book series the show is based on: George R.R. Martin. The fantasy drama may be coming to a close, however HBO, swift to appease the show's large fandom, has already begun work on a prequel series that is set to begin filming in February 2019.

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Speaking with IGN, Sophie Turner - known for her role as Sansa - provided details about the finale. She referenced how sad it was to read "End of Game of Thrones" on the final page of the script and expressed how the actors found the ending to be "satisfying". Conversely, Turner is not sure how fans will view it, stating "I think a lot of fans will be disappointed and a lot of fans will be over the moon."

Sansa Stark goes though some of the most dramatic changes of any character in the series. She begins her journey as a spoiled young girl, and through a slew of traumatizing experiences, becomes a stronger, more adept woman. In her interview, Turner touches on this transformation, going even further to claim that Sansa ends the series as perhaps the "most self assured character in the show." It's perhaps difficult to imagine the naive girl who dreamed of marrying Prince Joffrey becoming that well-adjusted, but fans may just have to wait and see.

There's been buzz around the Game of Thrones series finale since its announcement. Then rumors began to circulate about the multiple endings the show may or may not film. Then, as filming wrapped, fans were teased with an onslaught of tantalizing, yet vague details from the stars of the show. With this recent announcement of a perhaps polarizing ending, fans are thrown another curveball. What could possibly divide the Game of Thrones fandom? Perhaps Game of Thrones will end similarly to fellow HBO classic, The Sopranos, with a vague open-ended finale that solidly divides fans into two camps. Maybe, like the perpetual Tony lived or Tony died discussion, fans will be left forever debating the fate of Jon Snow.

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Source: IGN

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