Game of Thrones Theory: Tyrion Betrays Daenerys In Season 8

Tyrion in Game of Thrones with Jon and Dany

Tyrion and Dany’s relationship remains one of the most compelling aspects of Game of Thrones, especially considering how likely Tyrion is to betray his queen in season 8. While still united on the surface, cracks in the foundation of their relationship appeared to get more and more prominent as Game of Thrones season 7 wore on. Given the way things look going into season 8, it’s possible things will get worse before they get better – perhaps fatally so for those involved.

Most of Game of Thrones’ final season will presumably be spent resolving the series many remaining storylines. The war with the Night King needs to be addressed and ended with finality (gods be good), as does Cersei’s reign of terror. There’s also the question of the two massive foreign armies that will remain in Westeros after the wars are over (assuming they aren’t cut to ribbons at some point, which is definitely possible). The Unsullied could probably be trusted to remain well-behaved, but regardless of how many inspiring speeches Dany gives on the back of Drogon, it's hard to believe the Dothraki would truly be capable of abandoning their previous lifestyle, especially living amidst a Westerosi populous that will probably be incredibly mistrustful of them.

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However, despite the long list of macro-issues Game of Thrones season 8 has to address, the prospect of Tyrion and Dany imploding and how is just as compelling as the Battle for the Dawn 2.0 or Cersei’s probable comeuppance. The Queen and her hand might have ended season 7 on a peaceful note, but there’s no reason to think things will stay that way – quite the opposite, in fact. Here's the mounting evidence that Tyrion is on his way to an irreparable divergence with Dany’s team, and the potential fallout their quarrel could cause in Game of Thrones season 8.

Tyrion & Dany's Relationship Is Strained (& Clouded)

Game of Thrones season 6 finale images - Dany and Tyrion

Game of Thrones season 6 saw Tyrion prove his worth to Dany in more ways than one, effectively running Meereen (mostly) and skillfully steering Dany to a shrewd, almost bloodless solution when the slave masters revolted against her rule. Season 7 was a far different story. His counsel proved valuable enough to induce her to trust it when it came to the invasion of Westeros, but, in what was a shock to many, Jaime anticipated Tyrion’s attack of Casterly Rock and used that knowledge to safely skirt whatever troops, gold and food he could carry back to King's Landing, leaving Tyrion’s army split with no prize.

That confrontation plus Euron’s attack on the Greyjoy and Dornish fleets cost Dany two major allies in addition to spreading out her forces. Tyrion has a nasty habit of not only being the smartest person in the room, but also believing he’s the smartest person in the room. That makes him vulnerable to his own pride. He grossly underestimated his brother’s prowess and in doing so, oversold his expertise and assurances to Dany. He hasn’t delivered on his promises and has far less influence on her behavior than he did previously, if their quarrel over the line of succession in "Beyond the Wall" was any indication. Given her new romance with Jon Snow, how much credit and attention she’ll give to Tyrion’s counsel in the future remains in question.

Speaking of Jon Snow, the fact that Daenerys is even thinking about a romantic connection with a new ally she’s known less than a year would give any advisor pause. Even Jon Snow thought paying attention to his attraction to Daenerys in the midst of their current predicament was a silly move, and he said as much to Davos when the former smuggler teased him about it in "The Spoils of War." Tyrion’s concerned look at the end of "The Dragon and the Wolf" as Jon disappears into his Queen’s bedchamber makes a lot of sense from a strategic and political standpoint, but there's a lot more to it than that. You can’t discuss Tyrion’s relationship with his queen without addressing the fact that he has strong personal feelings toward her as well.

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The Game of Thrones season 7 scripts revealed that, yes, Tyrion really is in love with Dany; that admiration and respect is just a public cover. And that's risky. While the love Tyrion bears Dany is certainly vexed, and it seems unlikely he would be motivated to act based solely on said love, his unrequited feelings must be taken into account when taking inventory on his relationship with Dany. As Dinklage said, “it’s professional and personal,” which means that if Dany continues to push him aside, Tyrion’s wounds will run deep. And hurt people hurt people, just ask Shae. Tyrion might find himself edged to the fringes of Dany's attention and in need of his own allies before long...

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