Sophie Turner Says Game of Thrones Season 8 Won't Arrive Until 2019

It would take quite a while before we find out what comes next after the wall has finally been taken down as Game of Thrones season 8 won't be here until 2019, Sophie Turner reveals. The actress plays Sansa Stark, the rightful heir to Winterfell and the North, so it's safe to say she has good knowledge of the matter.

The show is coming off its biggest season yet, breaking ratings record week after week and with that promising season finale, and fans are undoubtedly anticipating for what comes next for our major characters especially with the looming threat of the Night King and White Walkers. Unfortunately, with the way things are going, it could take two years before we get the final six, 90-minute Game of Thrones episodes that would ultimately seal the fate of the show's gameplayers.


Turner confirmed our worst fears when she recently told Variety that “Game of Thrones comes out in 2019,” while discussing her other projects, including X-Men: Dark Phoenix, where she plays the younger version of Jean Grey. The actress' statement is pretty cut and dry and it does not sound like a rescheduling will happen anytime soon. We're just not sure if her confirmation is a slip of tongue or actually intended. The news, however, did not come entirely as a surprise with buzz already going on that HBO might not be able to finish the show's season 8 in time for a 2018 release date. Back in summer, the company's head of programming Casey Bloys seemed to be hinting about the delayed release but did not confirm anything.

Production for the show's last outing commenced in October and Turner says that they have around six to seven months left of shooting, which does not really give ample time for a highly CGI-ed series (especially with a brewing Dragon scuffle) to be polished in post in time for a summer premiere. Initial reports suggested that principal photography will last until summer of 2018, and based on these new comments, it seems like it will last until the very end of the season. Despite the growing pile of evidence and a confirmation from Turner, HBO reps are mum about the matter, neither confirming nor denying the actress' most recent statements.

It will be interesting how the two-year wait will affect people's interest in Game of Thrones, if it will have any at all. But the good thing about this is that it proves HBO's commitment to coming out quality programming, much more so for the last season of their biggest original series yet. It only goes to show that the cable company has learned their lesson after fast-tracking True Detective season 2 which failed to live up to the hype that the police anthology's first season.


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