Ellie Kendrick Not Returning To Game of Thrones


In a case of "Reed" it and weep, Game of Thrones actress Ellie Kendrick confirms that she probably won't be back as Meera Reed in Season 8.

As the race for the Iron Throne heads toward its endgame, expect the cast of the Seven Kingdoms to get a lot smaller. However, while Kendrick's loyal northerner looks to be a rare survivor of HBO's bloodbath, it seems that the Reed family story has come to a natural conclusion.

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Speaking to Metro, Kendrick revealed that she has still heard nothing about a return for Season 8 of the ice and fire saga. When grilled on whether Meera will return, the 27-year-old says she doesn't have high hopes to get a call from the network:

 “Not as far as I know. I don’t know. It’s funny because I always get asked, ‘What’s going to happen? Are you in it?’ Genuinely the truth is I don’t know.

I wait for the phone to ring and then I find out, but it hasn’t rung so I don’t know. I’ll find out whether I am or not at some point, but for now I haven’t been notified so I’m yet to discover."

Game of Thrones may not be returning until 2019, but with the cast already gathering for table reads and the big players already assembled, it looks like Meera is thrown on the scrapheap like the show's other forgotten characters. Meera could be doing a Gendry and row back in time for the show's swansong, but don't hold your breath.

First introduced in Season 3, Meera is best-known for being the downtrodden sled carrier of Bran Stark. Spending most of her time in the wintery climes beyond the Wall, Meera's biggest moment came in Season 6's "The Door," when she inadvertently played a part in that tragic Hodor storyline. However, as Meera dragged a warped Bran through the gates of Winterfell in Season 7, she decided it was time to part ways with her traveling companion. After a half-hearted goodbye from Bran, fans had held out for at least one more appearance from Kendrick's snowy survivor, but it looks like this isn't the case.

While Meera may not have seemed like a major piece in the game of chess that is GoT, there was a long-standing theory that she would have a part to play in the concluding chapter. Fans clocked that Kendrick's character bears a striking resemblance to a certain moping Starkgaryen, leading some to concot the theory that Meera is the secret twin of Kit Harington's Jon Snow. Even if this wasn't the case, others thought that Meera's father (Howland Reed) would finally appear in Season 8, especially given that he is the last adult survivor from that grisly Tower of Joy.

With Meera heading off to meet her father at the Neck, it looks like all hopes of Reed theories and a Howland appearance have been shoved out the window like Bran back in Season 1. However, as Game of Thrones tries to tighten up its final six episodes and focus its energy at the onslaught of White Walkers, you can't blame showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for trimming the fat. Outliving most of the show's other characters, it was a good run for Kendrick, but the time has come to say goodbye to Meera Reed - alas, we hardly knew ye.

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Source: Metro 

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