Game of Thrones: Edmure Tully Actor Unsure About Return

Edmure Tully at the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones

As one of the many forgotten actors from Game of Thrones, actor Tobias Menzies has discussed whether fans of the HBO epic will ever see Edmure Tully again.

Introduced back in season 3, Tully was the disappointing nephew of Brynden Tully and younger brother of Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn. After a few forgettable appearances in the background of the show, Edmure went on to have a crucial part in the bloody Red Wedding before being locked away by the treacherous Walder Frey. However, having already had one return for season 6's Seige of Riverrun storyline, Edmure was once again placed in chains with an open-ended fate.

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Now, speaking to the press (via Digital Spy), the 44-year-old asks fans to not hold out hope for his season 8 return:

"The honest answer is, I have no idea. He's obviously somewhere in a prison, he's still around alive somewhere. They're pretty stingy with their information and I've not heard anything from them. I feel like they have so many stories to tie up, whether that's a story they'll want to go back to, I don't know."

Interestingly, if Edmure was going to return, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss already had the perfect opportunity to do so. Season 7 saw the return of actor David Bradley as Walder when Arya Stark wore his face to slaughter the entire Frey family. Edmure's niece could've easily come to his rescue right then, but instead, Arya rode to Winterfell to join her family.

Tobias Menzies Game of Thrones Edmure Tully

The cutthroat show is normally pretty good at giving its character's a satisfying ending - usually departing in a body bag - but Edmure Tully is a rare loose end. Even those stars who have had their characters killed off have at least got the screen time of a dramatic death, while Menzies has been left to rot in the Riverrun dungeon. However, as the show winds towards its endgame, another trip back to the Tully stronghold would hardly be worth the segue away from the main storyline.

Looking to the books, Edmure is actually a prisoner of the Lannisters at Casterley Rock, so there is a slim chance he could pop up as another torture toy for Cersei Lannister and the Mountain, but again, Casterley Rock has never been a big part of the show. For now, it sounds like Edmure is still languishing behind bars (somewhere) and represents just another character that George R.R. Martin may not have time to revisit in his final two books and the showrunners might discard for season 8. Sadly, you can't win them all, so it sounds like Edmure has gone the way of Ellaria Sand to leave his eventual demise up to our own twisted imaginations.

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Source: Digital Spy

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