How Cersei's Map Room Could Factor Into Game of Thrones Season 8

With Westeros on the cusp of war, it sounds like Cersei Lannister's strategic Map Room could come into play for a surprising reason in Game of Thrones season 8.

There have been many "big bads" across the past seven seasons of the Seven Kingdoms, but while the likes of Joffrey, Mance, and Ramsay have all met their maker, Queen Cersei Lannister pits herself as an even more dangerous foe as the show winds to an end. Alongside the approaching threat of White Walkers, the latest run of episodes had Cersei tighten her grip on the Iron Throne. Season 7 saw the Queen of the Realm take on her father's military expertise as she planned her next move via an ornate map at King's Landing. However, more than just a pretty location away from the gloomy Throne Room, it now looks like the Map Room could hold great importance next time around.

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Speaking on the DVD and Blu-ray commentary for season 7 (via Winter is Coming), producer Chris Newman, VFX supervisor Joe Bauer, and VFX producer Steve Kullback discussed how the Map Room came to be and if it will return next time:

Chris Newman: “The courtyard always was thought of as being an exterior courtyard, even before she had the map painted, hence the sunlight."

Joe Bauer: “It used to be at least a story taller, but there was a need to see the sky in this coverage.”

Steve Kullback: “Forthcoming coverage."

The ability to see the sky certainly teases something will be raining down from above (a possible projectile), but it could also fulfill a long-awaited prophecy. We have already seen dream-like montages of dragons flying over King's Landing, and it was always a given that season 8 would finally see this come true. From tiny hatchlings, Daenerys Targaryen's brood of three has become supersized fire-breathers ready to tackle whatever is thrown their way. Don't expect someone like Cersei to stop Daenerys embracing her legacy to sit on that pointy chair.

While dragons over the Map Room looks increasingly likely, we still don't know who could be behind the attack. Remembering that season 7 saw the flying Viserion fall victim to the Night King and become reanimated as his fiery steed, it could either be Dany or the White Walkers launching an assault on the capital. We've already heard worrying rumors that the iconic Winterfell will be up in flames before the credits roll, so the final season could be a time where see many Westerosi landmarks burned to the ground.

Either way, the crew may have just spoiled some major revelations for season 8. We have already seen teases that Jon Snow and Cersei will have some sort of confrontation at King's Landing, so the duo could go head-to-head in the Map Room. Also, given that Jon is finally bending the knee to Dany, expect her to be close behind him as he visits Cersei. Last year's 'The Dragon and the Wolf' saw all sides disagree on the best way to move forward, so Cersei v Daenerys Round 2 should be one hell of a grudge match to watch. Let's see if King's Landing can survive the onslaught or whether the bells of death ring over the capital again.

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Source: Winter is Coming

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