Game of Thrones Season 7: [Spoiler] To Return

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[WARNING: SPOILERS for Game of Thrones season 7 below.]


Game of Thrones season 7 is well into production as stories and rumors about the plot continue to trickle out, even as season 8 talk begins and the idea of spinoffs keeps coming up. Set photos have revealed the presence of certain characters that were already expected and there are only (technically) a few official images from the new season thus far, so there’s been little in the way of surprises from the production of season 7.

Plenty of information about the cast of characters involved in season 7 has already leaked out. Most of the stories have involved plot details regarding character meetings and new alliances, or the addition of new cast members. However, there have been few reports about returning characters that would be surprising or unexpected to viewers. A new report could be the season’s first big surprise.

As reported by Watchers on the Wall, the infamous Walder Frey (David Bradley) is set to return for season 7. The official page for Bradley at United Agents has been updated to include season 7 of Game of Thrones in his list of credits. It previously listed only seasons 1, 2, and 6, erroneously listing season 2 instead of season 3.

David Bradley as Walder Frey on Game of Thrones

It was in that third season that Frey cemented his place as one of the most irredeemable characters in Game of Thrones history - and that's saying something - when he betrayed House Stark as one of the architects of the Red Wedding. Frey finally got his comeuppance by the end of season 6 at the hands of Arya Stark, who used her face-wearing abilities to pose as a servant before murdering Frey by cutting his throat.

It was presumed after Frey’s death that the character would no longer appear on Game of Thrones. But based on his listing on the United Agents website, it’s apparent that Frey will appear in either a flashback scene or in a scene where Arya wears his face. It’s not the first time that rumors of Frey’s return had surfaced online, but Bradley’s updated resume all-but confirms that he will be back.

The return of Walder Frey may anger some Game of Thrones fans who were satisfied to see Arya get revenge for the Red Wedding and were hoping to never see Frey's face or hear his voice again. Still, the presence of Bradley in the case for season 7 potentially opens up more possibilities for Arya to use his face to her advantage, which is certainly an intriguing prospect for fans of her storyline.

Game of Thrones season 7 debuts on HBO this summer.

Source: United Agents (via Watchers on the Wall)

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