Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2: Winter is Here

With weeks to go before the premiere of season 7, HBO have just unveiled a new trailer for Game of Thrones. Under normal circumstances, the latest season of Game of Thrones would already be in the rearview by this point in the summer. Despite having three less episodes than normal, however, the seventh season of the hit HBO series has taken a bit longer to finally arrive. Luckily, the wait looks to be worth it, as the show will be pulling together long-isolated characters while finally diving into the war that's been brewing all series.

A month ago, HBO released the first Game of Thrones season 7 trailer, teasing the arrival of Daenerys in Westeros for the first time since she was born. Seeds were also planted for Arya's return to the North, Jon's continued conflict with the Others, and power of the combined might of dragons, Dothraki, and Unsullied against the Lannister forces. Since that time, we've been given more photos from season 7, as well as a shot of Dany coming home — all teasing the penultimate chapter of the epic show. Now, we have yet another look at the action we can expect next month.

HBO has posted a the second full-length trailer for season 7 of Game of Thrones online, and it's every bit as enthralling as the previous one. Though most of the shots are shown out of context, we see more of Jon, Beric, and the Northerners fighting the White Walkers. There's also more shots of Dany's army, including all three dragons and the Iron Fleet she has, thanks to Yara (aka Asha) and Theon. We also finally get a shot of Bran, proving that he will be on hand in the new season.

Game of Thrones season 7 Jon Snow

The first trailer gets most of the credit for teasing out the story threads of the upcoming season, but the new one helps elaborate on many of those moments. It's still unclear where Arya is heading or what Tyrion is doing wandering around that cliffside, but it's painfully obvious that many of those in the North will be heading up to meet the threat of the Night King and the Others. Hopefully, Beric's flaming sword and his favor with the Red God will help in that battle, as Dany doesn't look to be bringing her dragons North.

The confirmation of Bran is also welcome, as the character has already sat out one season. He also looks to have finally gained a rudimentary wheelchair, which will likely come as a relief to Mera who's been dragging him around beyond the wall. We still haven't seen Euron Greyjoy, though the ships flying the golden kraken could be his. We know he'll be appearing in the new season and making the show's former villains look childish by comparison.

While the battle between the White Walkers and the forces of good is inevitable, there are still plenty of skirmishes and smaller conflicts to be had on the show. Luckily, even the petty battles in the world of Game of Thrones take place in epic fashion.

Game of Thrones returns for season 7 on July 16th.

Source: HBO

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