Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

The Great War

Game of Thrones has always been a show heavily focused on scheming and political intrigue, but there’s always been a larger threat looming on the horizon. Over the seasons, we’ve seen the Others grow from a bump in the night to a wave of terror set to engulf Westeros. While Cersei, Dany, and the others all prepare to fight for the Seven Kingdoms, there are players who know that the Great War is the only conflict worth facing.

Jon, the Night’s Watch, and the Free Folk know all too well about this threat, and Bran has learned plenty too. His significance in these events is still unknown, but Stannis, Melisandre, and Davos have all faced the White Walkers in combat. When Davos speaks of a greater threat in the trailer and promises only a skeleton will sit the Iron Throne, he’s not merely being dramatic. Likely, he’s counseling Daenerys and telling the would-be conqueror that thrones and castles are nothing compared to the lives of everyone in the realm.

Ten Thousand Dothraki Screamers

Following the death of Khal Drogo, Dany lost all but a few of the Dothraki from her kalesar. Last season, however, showed her dominating the remaining forces of the Dothraki Sea and taking them under her considerable wingspan. The threat of the Dothraki horde has always been known in Essos, but those in Westeros have never feared the horselords as they are not seafaring people. Despite their superstitions, though, last season ended with Dany setting sail with her forces on her way to Dragonstone.

Given the various shots of the Dothraki horde fighting and wielding their curved arakhs, we’re in for some brutal battles. Though lacking armor, the Dothraki are skilled warriors on horseback and will pose a threat to any who stand against them. Once the Dothraki land on the shores of Westeros, they will represent a foe unlike anything the Seven Kingdoms have ever seen and will help Dany in whatever battles she chooses to fight.

Daenerys the Conqueror

While the Dothraki may be a mystery to the warriors of Westeros, Dany’s three dragons will represent a familiar yet far more terrifying threat. We get a quick shot of Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal flying past Tyrion early in the trailer, but the final shot shows the largest beast flying over Dany’s massive army. Though it’s difficult to tell if Dany’s aboard Drogon, it’s likely she is. The dragons have been too small to ride in past seasons, but those days are long gone. Now, Dany can mount her dragon and fly at the head of her army, providing a foe that no one in Westeros will be able to fight.

The shot also calls to mind Aegon’s conquest 300 years ago. Though no one is alive who saw it happen, none in Westeros will forget the tales of those roasted alive on both the field and behind castle walls by Aegon, his sisters, and their three dragons. The symbolism alone will be hard to deny when Dany herself sweeps across the kingdoms with her three beasts, but their threat will be overwhelmingly obvious despite what parallels it has to history. And while Dany will surely lead her forces against Cersei, let us hope that she eventually turns her army and dragons north to face the White Walkers.


There was a lot to unpack in the trailer, so let us know if we missed anything crucial. And be sure to tell us what your favorite moments were from the season 7 trailer of Game of Thrones in the comments!

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