Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

Iron and Sand

In a rapidfire moment towards the end of the trailer, we see quick shots of Grey Worm and Missandei continuing their relationship, followed by Yara (Asha in the books) and Ellaria Sand starting a new one. While their coupling could amount to nothing, it has some interesting implications.

For one, it teases that the new ruler of Dorne and one of the leaders of the Ironborn are together. We know Dorne has long had plans for the Targaryens to return to glory, and Yara recently swore herself to Daenerys. With Dorne and some of the Ironborn now on Daenerys side, her power will be one of the greatest in all of the land. The Dornish generally stay out of conflicts, but all agree they’re nearly unbeatable. Add in Yara’s forces and all of the others sworn to Dany’s cause, and King’s Landing won’t stand a chance against the invading Targaryen.

The Storming of King's Landing

Another one of the quick shots we get is Daenerys’ forces, led by the Unsullied, storming a castle with the crimson lions of House Lannister on them. You can also see slain guardsmen in the red of the Lannisters, hinting at two possibilities. The most obvious is that Dany has descended on King’s Landing. From her seat at Dragonstone, the royal city is just across the water. Its very name comes from Aegon landing on the barren spot 300 years ago and claiming it as his seat following his conquest. It also marks the only real threat to Dany and, of course, is where the Iron Throne sits.

There’s a small chance we’re seeing Casterly Rock,  the seat of Lannister power in the West. While it would certainly shame the Lannisters to lose the castle, it hardly matters in the grand scheme of what the show is trying to lay out in the new season. Once King’s Landing has been taken, it’s not as if Casterly Rock will pose much of a threat. King’s Landing will certainly provide a more difficult target, but Dany’s dragons alone will even the odds of the city’s walls. And while Tyrion’s end may prove to be treacherous for his person, it’s safe to assume his skills and knowledge of King’s Landing and his siblings will greatly help Dany in her battle against the other Lannisters.

Ser Robert Strong

One particular warrior who will help the Lannisters defeat Dany is Ser Robert Strong. Once Ser Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane, Oberyn’s poisoned spear brought the beastly knight to the gates of death a few seasons back. Thanks to Cersei and Qyburn, however, he was brought back to life as a mute brute and clad in the white of the Kingsguard. We haven’t seen much from him in the books yet, but the show has demonstrated his strength alone is terrifying to behold. It’s also unknown whether he can even be killed a second time.

Now that Cersei has claimed the throne, it seems she’s also followed Dany’s lead and instituted a Queensguard. Rather than the pure white the group traditionally wears, Strong is outfitted in a sinister black. Aside from providing a morbid inversion of what the Kingsguard represent, the new armor has driven the Internet into a frenzy with calls that the Mountain is the new Darth Vader—making Cersei a perfect match for the Emperor.

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