Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

Arya Alone

Arya off on her own is certainly nothing new, as the young Stark has been mostly fending for herself since her father was beheaded back in season one. Of course, she spent many of the following years trying to return home to the North, only to be waylaid at a morbidly comical rate. Once she finally had a bit more agency, she set off for Braavos and learned the ways of the Faceless Men. Now, she’s back in her homeland but still just as alone.

There’s no telling where Arya will go next, but Winterfell seems likely. Assuming she’s received word that Jon is no longer at the Wall, it would make sense for her to seek out her home even if she isn't aware of the family she now has there. Another likelihood of Arya’s return is being reunited with Nymeria. The snow scenes seem to indicate Arya is back home, but with winter now upon Westeros, she could still be in the Riverlands after slaying Walder Frey. It’s there that she left her direwolf, who’s been slowly gathering a pack and fighting off foes ever since. This hasn’t been touched on in the show, sadly, but Arya and Nymeria’s reunion is still a major event that’s bound to be on the horizon.

Jon and Tormund on the Run

Seeing two warriors as fearsome as Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane flee for their lives likely only means one thing: the Others are coming. We see a few shots of Free Folk huddled in the snow, and we know from a previous teaser that the Night King and his army are on their way. It’s unknown if the shots of Jon and Tormund are beyond the Wall or not, but it’s interesting to note that Jon is clad like Tormund and his brethren. This could just be to stay warm, or may be part of some greater scheme.

If the Others have crossed the Wall somehow, then the petty wars of kings and queens will be the least of Cersei and Dany’s problems. There’s also plenty of shots of Jon at Winterfell following his ascension as King in the North, so the scene with him and Tormund could be towards the end of the season as the conflict comes to a head.

Conflict in the Crypts

Back at Winterfell, we get a few teases of Sansa’s future and where she and Littlefinger are headed. For Petyr Baelish's part, he may finally have met his match in Jon Snow. There’s a quick shot down in the crypts of Winterfell with Jon grabbing Littlefinger by the throat. Given Littlefinger’s proclivity for angering people, it’s not hard to imagine him saying something that could upset Jon, but the setting provides a further clue.

For years, fans have all but taken the theory that Jon is a Targaryen as fact. The books and show have both hinted at it, with the most blatant references on screen coming in the past two seasons. One moment in particular involved Littlefinger and Sansa in the Winterfell crypts, where the schemer hinted at Jon’s true parentage and his own awareness of the event. Could Jon’s anger come from Littlefinger revealing the truth, or even just teasing Jon with the knowledge?

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