Game of Thrones Fan Notices A Shocking Similarity Between Season 7 & Shrek

Drogon and Dragon From Shrek

One Game of Thrones fan has noticed an odd similarity between the popular HBO show and the film ShrekGame of Thrones has been on the air since 2011, and focuses on groups fighting for control over the land of Westeros and more importantly, the Iron Throne. Shrek on the other hand, was a 2001 animation fairytale from Dreamworks about an ogre and a donkey.

Initially, the family-friendly Shrek movies and the gritty HBO drama seem vastly different, but they both have one thing in common - dragons. In fact, one of the biggest symbols of Game of Thrones are dragons, which belong to Emilia Clarke's character Daenerys Targaryen. Thanks to the incredible special effects on the show, her dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion look incredibly realistic and are often seen in the middle of intense action sequences. The dragon from Shrek on the other hand, is a cartoonish pink dragon that falls in love with Donkey, and eventually has his babies. The dragons appear to be vastly different, but one fan noticed a shocking similarity.

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The Pixel Factor recently shared two GIFs that compare a specific scene from both Game of Thrones and the first Shrek movie. The top GIF shows Drogon meeting Jon Snow for the first time, while the bottom GIF shows Donkey coming face to face with his future wife. Snow and Donkey are both obviously terrified since the dragons could swallow them whole, but are able to confront the dragons without getting eaten alive. The side by side comparison can be seen below.

Game of Thrones has grown a huge fan base over the last seven seasons, with the eighth and final season being released this April. Game of Thrones will also be getting a prequel series titled The Long Night, although that show might not include dragons at all. As for Shrek, the last feature-length film came out in 2010, called Shrek Forever After, but the Shrek and Puss in Boots franchises are going to be rebooted in the coming years.

Dragons are arguably more important in Game of Thrones than in Shrek, but it's humorous to see that a scene from a critically acclaimed TV show matches up so perfectly with a scene from an animated film like Shrek. The look of both dragons couldn't be more different, but it's shocking that the mannerisms of both creatures as well as the shots look almost identical.

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Source: The Pixel Factor

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