Game of Thrones Season 7 Set Photos Reveal a New Throne

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Game of Thrones season 7


Game of Thrones is well into production on its seventh season, but HBO remains months away from revealing any kind of preview or official details on the next set of episodes. With the show not expected to premiere until the summer of 2017, fans have plenty of time to speculate on what will happen, who will be involved, and how the main characters will align. For now, the most reliable way to discover new information (for those who don't mind a few spoilers) about Game of Thrones season 7 is through leaks and set photos.

The latest reports from the Game of Thrones set have mostly teased scenes between major characters that were either unexpected or highly anticipated, like the apparent reunion of Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy or a momentous meeting between Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The sets themselves, however, haven’t shown any new details... until now. Two new shots from the season 7 set reveal a brand new throne - one that isn't made of swords.

Watchers on the Wall obtained two set photos from Game of Thrones season 7 on Friday, originally posted by a visitor to the indoor sets at Titanic Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He shared two high-res photos to his Instagram account. One depicted the modified Red Keep throne room with the Lannisters’ lion insignia adorning the window above the throne, while the other appears to be the throne room at Dragonstone, where Daenerys will assume her rightful seat in the upcoming season. The original images have since been deleted, but you can see new throne below:

#SPOILER Ce trône devrait être celui de Daenerys à Dragonstone dans la saison 7 :

— Game of Thrones FR (@GameOfThroneFR) November 12, 2016

It should come as no surprise that Queen Cersei Lannister would enhance her family’s newfound prominence at King’s Landing by adding the lion symbol to the Iron Throne. Dragonstone, meanwhile, hasn’t been seen since season 4 when Stannis Baratheon, who had been given control of the stronghold by his deceased brother Robert Baratheon when he held the Iron Throne, left the castle along with his army.

Another external set photo appears to reveal the outer entrance to Dragonstone at Blackwater Bay, which was long the home of House Targaryen before being overtaken by House Baratheon. Daenerys was born there, but had long left the castle with her brother Viserys by the time Game of Thrones season 1 began. The Mother of Dragons reclaiming her rightful seat on the Dragonstone throne will be one of the most anticipated moments of season 7, which may spend a substantial amount of time at that location.

Game of Thrones season 7 is in production and is expected to premiere in summer 2017.

Source: Watchers on the Wall

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